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Professor Deborah Eyre presents at The Regent’s School Pattaya

13 September 2012

Professor Deborah Eyre, Director of Education at Nord Anglia Education presented to The Regent’s School Pattaya on 13 September, her research titled “Helping your child to succeed at school and beyond”.

The exclusive event saw Professor Eyre discussing the role that parents and schools can play in helping their children thrive. “What we’re doing in school is we’re helping to educate children for their futures in a world in which we can’t anticipate what it would look like. She said.“We have to prepare people to be adaptable enough and confident enough to be able to perform well in an unpredictable environment.”

Professor Eyre, whose research has helped shape education in the UK, reassured parents and guardians that all children are capable of succeeding in school and beyond. She outlined the Nord Anglia Education ‘High Performance Learning Formula’, consisting of a combination of potential, opportunities, support and adding motivation which results in high achievement. Receiving the assistance from both school and at home and veering away from traditional educational structures will greatly help children in education, according to Professor Eyre.

“Cognitive neuroscience and psychology tell us that what we thought in the middle of the 20th century about fixed ability is probably not correct,” she said. “It means that the kinds of outcomes that used to be reserved for people called ‘gifted’ is really quite attainable by a lot of us, as long as you get the right opportunities and support.” She suggests that there needs to be more emphasis on students learning how to apply their knowledge in practical situations which can’t be done with older educational structures that just teach by repetition – a structure that takes away opportunities to be forward-thinking.

"Just having subject knowledge is not enough anymore," Professor Eyre says. "You've got to be able to use it because you've got to be able to solve problems and ones that you didn't know were going to exist." With an altered education structure Professor Eyre wants to encourage students so they are able to put their own thinking into practice and know what they need to achieve to be able to reach the goals they have set for themselves; she believes that the students at The Regent’s School Pattaya are fully capable of doing just that.

Joining Nord Anglia Education in 2010, Professor Eyre has been working extensively with their premium schools across Asia, Europe and the Middle East ever since. Her work as Director of the National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth (NAGTY) prior to this contributed to her breadth of knowledge that has allowed her to help educational institutes move from good to outstanding.