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2016 Global Campus Photographer of the Year

01 December 2016

This year’s Global Campus photography competition theme was based on nature. We asked students around the world to show us their perspective on the topic. Below are just some of the breath-taking images we received back along with the winners of the competition. 

First Place: Parched by Victoria Fasel, 17,Collège Champittet Pully: The photograph fits well with the theme because of how raw it looks. The landscape looks quiet and peaceful while still transmitting a powerful image of nature with how intense the desert seems.

Second Place: A Sapphire Bird by Jerry Qiu, 8, Nord Anglia International School Hong Kong: I used my dad’s old camera and took a few hundred photos in the Hong Kong Park. This photo looks like a baby bird looking for mother. It reminds me that one thing that kills nature is deforestation. At today’s speed, by 2030 there will only be 10% of natural forests left, and flowers and birds will sadly lose their homes.

Third Place: Curious Highland Cow by James Robinson, 12, British International School of Houston: I was hiking with my dad and my granddad on a beautiful spring day up in the south of Devon, where we were on holiday with our cousins. We were walking through a herd of highland cattle when this one came up to us and just stood there. I guess he was watching us, but it's quite hard to tell through all of that fur! I also loved the way its horns were bent at those weird angles. I think it fits with the theme of nature because its an unexpected animal in a beautiful natural environment in the south of Devon.

Student Choice: The Duck by Mariana Pulido Morales, 12, San Roberto International School: I took this photograph because I love all kinds of nature -- it can be plants, flowers, mountains, animals etc. That  day I was super bored  in one place called Laguna, that is located in Obregon, Sonora, so I decided to take pictures of beautiful nature and enjoyed it. It engages with this theme because its from nature and describes all kinds of colors I like and enjoy.

Runner Up: Wavy Leaf by Chloe Hanrahan, 10, British International School of Houston: In Crested Butte, Colorado, is a beautiful town surrounded by spectacular mountains. During summer vacation, my family and I hiked through alpine areas. Wildflowers blanketed the mountainsides and it was fun taking photos. I liked my photo of this corn lily, especially the curvature and the texture of the tip and leaf edge.

Runner Up: Beauty by Emerson Ari, 15, North Broward Preparatory School:
I shot this photo at Butterfly World on a field trip with my school over this past year. I think this photo fits with the theme of nature because it is a close-up flower shot, representing beauty.

Runner Up: Black Raven's Icey Stare by George Furbur, 10, La Côte International School: This is a photo of a raven perching on top of Gornergrat next to the Matterhorn with the sun nice and bright in the background. The breeze was cool at 4478 feet. It seemed quite unusual to see this bird next to one of the biggest mountains in Switzerland.  Stunning!

Runner Up: Butterfly Still Love Flower, by Jie Yao, 18, North Broward Preparatory School: I shot the photo last month on the school campus garden. There are a lot of different types of flowers and butterflies. It was a beautiful butterfly still on the flower, and I had my camera with me so I shot several different images. I think this one fits with the theme of nature best since there is a flower that looks like a butterfly.

Runner Up: Elephant Family by Kloe Brower, 7, Compass International School Doha, Rayyan: In Africa we found some elephants. I thought it would be good to take a picture as they are wild and not just in a zoo. They were scared and the mommy charged at us to protect the baby. They were very close.

Runner Up: The Sunrise by Liubov Antonenko, 15, International College Spain: I am very interested in photography. I have a professional camera and when I'm on holidays and I travel I'm searching for interesting locations with great looks. This is a photo taken during sunrise which made it look very colourful and calm. This is a photo of environment or just simply nature that’s why it fits with the theme of nature.

Runner Up: The Magic of the Canyon by Pietro Pracchi, 12, British International School of Houston: I chose this picture because it shows the power and the mystery of nature in its all fullness.

Runner Up: Kilauea Volcano Lava Glow by Umberto Vidali, 10, Nord Anglia International School Hong Kong:
I took this picture to share it because I thought it would be something almost nobody has ever seen in their whole life. It was a very difficult shot because it was night time and I had no tripod with me. This picture fits with this theme because it represents the power of nature and how unstoppable it is.