We just opened new Early Years Centre adjacent to the main school building at Peknikova.


  • Truly International

    We have students from over 50 different countries at our school, making us a truly international family.

    Primary children

  • Inspiring and Passionate

    Dedicated, motivated and highly professional, all of our staff at The British International School Bratislava are here to ensure that every child thrives.

    Teacher with children

  • Excellence & Achievement

    We focus heavily on academic rigor and achieving great results, but also encourage our students to develop their own individual skills and interests meaning that every child thrives.

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  • High Quality Learning

    Our passion is education. We help to prepare young people of all ages to embrace the challenges that life brings and the international global society in which their future lie.


  • Start your journey with us

    We are proud of our growing family of parents, teachers and socially-confident students. We’d love to welcome you too!

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  • Unique Opportunities

    We enrich your child’s learning experience with opportunities beyond the ordinary.

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What Our Parents and Students Say

As your children grow you are being exposed to number of important decisions. We understand that choosing the right school and for many who are also relocating to Slovakia and moving home - this is such an important decision. We are happy to put you in touch with other parents and children who will share their impressions of life here and what it means to be a member of The British International School Bratislava. Our students provide confirmation that the efforts we are making are having a positive impact on their achievements and personal development.

  • IB graduates 2014 - Happy video
  • Happy BISB

 “The school changes the meaning of ‘normal’. At first when you arrive to the IB section it feels weird. But as it slowly becomes familiar you start to believe that having a ‘normal day’ in comparison to the days you attended your previous school are pretty awesome but demanding as well. I mean it changed like on 100 levels.”

Jakub Strpka, IB1 student


 “I have been positively surprised by how welcoming this school is. All my classmates are very friendly as well as my teachers. I believe that all of us are trying our best and working hard, because we are very well influenced by the BISB community and teacher, who make our lessons enjoyable. Whenever I feel down or have a problem with something someone is always there to help.”

Dominika Opalena, IB1 student


 “I am very pleased to be a part of the BISB community. The attitude of the teachers and the students differs from other national schools here in Slovakia. The most important aspect that defines a school's quality is the way the teachers teach there. Here in BISB the teachers teach with passion and devotion and are extremely helpful and friendly. Also, all the students are very ambitious that motivates me to work even harder. I enjoy going to school, which has a very positive effect on my academic progress.”

Emma Javorkova, IB1 student


 "The school’s very nice and welcoming. It’s easy to become part of the group; the students are open and friendly, and the staff makes sure that, academically, you’re all up to scratch in the beginning of the school year. It’s easy to adjust to the school."

Bettina Losnedal, IB1 student


“I see myself as becoming a mechanical engineer. But CAS transformed me with diverse activities and now I feel the presence of a linguist, a volunteer and a passionate musician in me.” 

Yang Soo Yoon, IB2 student


 “CAS is challenging but the most enjoyable part of IB. It has given me amazing opportunities to learn new skills as well as reflect on myself.”

Tanya Rai, IB2 student


 “Doing CAS gave me an amazing opportunity to learn how to manage my time.”

Brigita Melicherova, IB2 student


 "Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger". While CAS develops your experience and skills horizontally in a diverse way, IB helps you dig down and deepen your interest and knowledge of a particular subject. IB helps you change "I would" or "I should" to "I will."

Yang Soo Yoon, IB2 student


“IB makes you work hard – you are never bored in IB”

Adel Mede, IB2 student


“IB has been the most wonderful time of my life. It provided me with a lot of knowledge and innumerable opportunities.”

Armando Pigozzi, IB2 student


“IB diploma is not merely about studying in front of desks. It helps you to overcome challenges and to build your future by yourselves. During the school years, you will cry and laugh every day, but at the end, you will find yourselves amazingly grown up.”

Jae Hyung Lee, IB2 student

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