• A caring and tranquil environment

    Located in a quiet neighbourhood of South Jakarta, ours is a close-knit and active community


  • A truly international school

    Representing over 30 nationalities, ours is a diverse yet close-knit community


  • Dedicated, skilled, motivational

    We aim to ensure that your children are taught by the very best teachers and support staff


  • Individual talents and strengths

    We offer an educational programme which is designed to bring out the very best in your child

    Art in school | NIS international school Jakarta

  • Join our school community

    The teachers, children and parents look forward to welcoming you to our school


  • Stay connected with us

    There's so much going on in our happy, vibrant school


  • Get in touch

    We would be delighted to hear from you


Contact Us

Schools are rightly about people. So whilst we're pleased you've visited our website, please do make contact with the staff at NIS Jakarta. We’ll respond to e-mails and telephone messages within 24 hours on weekdays (and only slightly longer if you contact us over the weekend).

일반 문의

전화 : +62 (0) 21 782 3930

이메일 : info@nis.or.id

입학 관련 문의


전화 : +62 (0) 81 1972 7979

이메일 : yolla.pramitha@nis.or.id

Skype :NIS Admissions Jakarta


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