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Getting Around Jakarta

Moving to any new city, there are bound to be frustrations and the traffic in Jakarta is often cited as one of the most difficult elements to deal with. With an estimated four million people commuting into the city each day, traffic is one of the unavoidable realities of the city. Fortunately NIS is located within a quiet, residential area of South Jakarta, neighbouring the popular Kemang area, which makes transport to and from our international school relatively easy. 

Settling in

Jakarta is a dynamic, multicultural city with a significant expatriate community bringing together people of all nationalities. Building a network of international friends can be a source of comfort and support, especially with most families being far from home comforts. 

The community aspect of NIS is part of what makes our international school so special and many parents have found that NIS has become an important heart of their social life, bringing both children and adults in contact with new friends. 

There are also a number of online communities that act as an important bridge for new families when they arrive to Jakarta. Some of the best resources and forums are listed below:

Getting around

Motor vehicles
Most expats tend to not drive themselves with many opting for a driver instead to navigate Jakarta’s chaotic and poorly marked streets.

Taxis are one of the cheapest ways to travel in Jakarta. The flag fall is 8000Rp for the first kilometre and each subsequent 100 metres is charged at around 300Rp. It can be helpful to have your destination written in Bahasa as some cab drivers have limited or no English. 

Other transport companies include Grab and Uber. Each of these companies have dedicated apps where you can request a driver from anywhere in the city at quite reasonable rates. 
Motorcycle taxis (or ojeks) can navigate their way around traffic easier than cars.  GoJek is an app similar to Grab and Uber that connects passengers with drivers for motorcycle transport. 

Many parents around expatriate communities in Kemang, Sudirman and Kuningan make use of bicycles as a sustainable alternative to cars. It’s a handy way to avoid gridlocked traffic, removes petrol and parking costs and is great for your fitness. Just make sure to wear a mask to avoid issues with pollution.  


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