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Dress Code

  • ISRMUN Dress Code 2017 Banner


All men must wear a dress shirt and a tie or bow tie; its color and size may be of the user's preference. Additionally, a suit jacket of preferred color, dress pants, a belt, dress socks, and dress shoes.



Ladies must wear slacks or a skirt, as long as the skirt’s length is under the knee while standing up. It is important to highlight that the use of leggings or very tight pants is not allowed. Also, women should wear a blouse, where armpits nor undergarments are visible, or a dress shirt; the use of a suit is allowed. Women can wear a moderate amount of makeup and/or jewelry.


The use of jeans, shorts, tennis shoes, boots, sandals, or other non-formal pieces of clothing are strictly prohibited, as well as hats and sunglasses of any type. Furthermore, ISRMUN Chairs, Staff, and Secretariat will constantly be on the lookout for incorrect use of dress code. There will be zero tolerance, inappropriate use of dress code will instantly result in a verbal warning. If this becomes a persist issue, a written warning will follow.