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From our Parents Community Association

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Annual General Meeting (AGM)


The Community Group AGM was held on Tuesday 20th June, 2017. At the meeting, there were two main issues discussed as follows:

  1. The name change from Community Group to Parent Community Association (PCA) was passed. The committee feels this reflects the inclusiveness of all parents and the community.
  2. The Committee provided an overview of the funds raised this year and which charitable organisations will receive the money.

In summary, despite the postponement of the Summer Fair until the next Academic year, as a community we have raised just over 67,000 RMB in 2016-2017. We have therefore been able to:

  • Sponsor 19 under-privileged local high school and university students;
  • Make a contribution towards replacing the roof at the Hui Xin orphanage
  • Sponsor a child’s heart surgery

We are thankful to you all as a community for your contributions to these great causes and hope that we can do even more next year.


We would also like to inform you that next year we will be opening a Parent Community Association (PCA) run a coffee shop at school called ‘Chatterbox’ to replace the current school café.  The purpose of the coffee shop is to provide a meeting place for the community and to raise money for charity. It will be a completely non-profit organisation, relying on the contributions of our school parents to supply baked goods and volunteer their time to run the shop. Details will follow in the new school year, but for now we would like to let you know that the first day of opening will be the 18th August, Orientation Day, so please pop in and see us.


From all of us on the Parent Community Association, thank you and enjoy your summer break.


Next Year’s PCA Calendar of Events…

  • Orientation Day and opening of ‘Chatterbox Café’ – Friday 18th August, 2017
  • PCA Coffee Morning – Thursday 24th August, 2017
  • Welcome Back Lunch – Wednesday 12th September, 2017
  • End of Summer Fun Day – Saturday 23rd September, 2017
  • Bonfire Night – Saturday 4th November, 2017
  • Christmas Market and Tree Lighting Ceremony – Saturday 8th December, 2017
  • International Food Fair – Wednesday 28th March, 2018
  • Dads and Kids Campout – Saturday 5th May, 2018
  • End of Summer Celebration – Saturday 26th May, 2018



年度总结会议 (AGM)


在6月20日周二举行的年度总结会议中, 家委会宣布了一年来募集的善款数目和用此来资助的慈善项目。


尽管夏日狂欢节推迟至下学年,我们共在2016-2017学年募集善款 RMB67,000。我们已经资助的项目包括:

- 资助19名贫困的当地中学生和大学生

- 帮助HUI XIN孤儿院修缮屋顶

- 资助一名儿童的心脏手术




我们也非常开心地告诉大家,明年我们将在学校开设由家委会运营的咖啡店,叫做 “CHATTERBOX”。主要的目的是为我们家委会开会提供场所,并为慈善活动筹款。这是一个非盈利机构, 我们将依靠家长们志愿为咖啡店提供烘培食品和服务时间。咖啡店将在8月18日第一天开张,期待大家的光临。






  • 新学年介绍日和咖啡店开张 -- 2017年8月18日 周五
  • 家委会欢迎咖啡 —— 2017年8月24日周四
  • 欢迎午餐 —— 2017年9月12日 周三
  • 夏日狂欢节 —— 2017年9月23日 周六
  • 篝火晚会 —— 2017年11月4日周六
  • 圣诞集市和亮灯仪式 —— 2017年12月8日周六
  • 国际美食节 —— 2018年3月28日周三
  • 父亲孩子露营日 —— 2018年5月5日周六
  • 年终野餐会 —— 2018年5月26日周六

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