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Week Beginning 11 September 2017


  • Thank you to so many of you who have ensured your child’s belongings are clearly named please can you check that all water bottles and snack boxes are named every day.
  • Swimming lessons : remember to send swimming costume, towel, goggles and swim hat each Friday.
  • Library cards have now been issued to teachers, children will be able to bring a library book home starting this week.  Family Library time: the main school Library on the 3rd  floor is open on Monday and Tuesday evening after school every week for parents to share and borrow books.
  • Please remember we are a nut free school, this means you may not send any nut products at all to school at any time, this includes Nutella, snack bars that contain nuts, nut butters, nut oils or nuts.
  • For the safety of all the children, please ensure the small gate is closed as you come in and out every morning.  This is the indoor gate in the corridor as you approach the pre-nursery area.
  • All of the children have at least one Tapestry post now. We value your feedback on the posts and please do remember that this is an opportunity for us to share knowledge children as individuals. Please do add your own observations and photos of children’s learning at home.
  • Our class photos are scheduled for next Thursday 14 September at 8.50 so it is important children are in school on time. Children are required to wear their Cub t-shirt for class photos. 
  • Registration for the HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) is now open to adults and students. The HSK test will be held on Saturday 11 November 2017. Please see the attached registration form for information. Full documentation and payment for HSK test must be received by Monday 9 October 2017.


In the Fox cub class the children have shown an interest in wrapping parcels and opening them. Some of the children have also been decorating the paper. Another popular interest is making birthday cakes with the playdough and using items to represent candles. We are going to extend this further by talking with the children about Birthdays. We will use stamps to make our own wrapping paper and use this paper to wrap parcels. We will also make a real birthday cake and have a birthday surprise for a special friend. The children will be invited to talk about their own experiences of their birthday and share this with the class.  Please send in any photos you have where they are celebrating their birthday.

In the Panther class the children have shown a big interest in families. This is mainly due to a special baby being born! The children have been playing with the babies in the home corner and making food for a picnic. We will extend this further with the children by talking about the children’s own families and who they live with. We will also ask the children to bring in a baby photograph of themselves to show their friends. The children will be encouraged to  share their experiences of what they like to do with their families when playing in the roleplay area.


Happy Birthday https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90w2RegGf9w


“Hide and Seek Birthday Treat” by Linda Jennings


How old are you?

I am __ years old.

Mum, dad, brother, sister, baby, younger, older, big, little


The children will learn to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ in Mandarin. They will also practise counting to ten when putting candles on a birthday cake. They will also ask and answer how old they are in Mandarin.

When playing with the doll’s house, the children will learn the words for family members in Mandarin.


小猴过生日(The Happy Monkey’s Birthday)


 祝你生日快乐 (Happy Birthday)


How old are you?    你几岁了?

I am __ years old.    我—岁了。

Mum, dad, brother, sister, baby   妈妈 爸爸 弟弟 姐姐 宝宝


We have had a lot of interest in colours and changing consistency. This interest has been observed from the children combining colours and ingredients and exploring light. As we made playdough this week a child said ‘Cool, amazing. It’s like magic.’ Another child was delighted when she mixed yellow and blue together and made green. This led us to introduce the story ‘Winne the Witch’  see the link below. This book has captured the imagiantaion of many of the children so we will be doing a lot of work in the coming weeks to bring this story alive which will include making recipes and using ingredients to make magic potions,  identifying, sorting and mixing colours, making wands and counting to ten in loud voices and yelling ABRACADBRA!




We also have many children who have a strong interest in animals. We will be introduing the story ‘Dear Zoo’ see the link below. The children will be exploring different types of animals and encougaged to talk about features and habitats. If the children have a pet at home it would be great if they could bring a photo of it to share with their friends. As this theme progresses we will be taking a deeper look into animal prints and patterns. We have some great wooden and plastic animal resources available to the children which will inspire this learning. We also have a new water tray outdoors which has a water fall feature. The children may like to use this to extend their understanding of jungle animal habitats.




The children will learn a story named ‘The Seven-Coloured Flower’ in Mandarin. The flower has seven petals  with different colours. Take one petal off will bring you  magic. They will be encouraged to explore colour and light using cellophane and tubes and make comments on what they see.


七色花 (The Seven Coloured Flower)


颜色歌  (Colours Song)


What colour is it?    这是什么颜色?

It’s ...    这是红色。

Red, yellow, blue, orange, purple, light green, dark green    红色,黄色,蓝色,橘色,紫色,浅绿,深绿



 We will also be reading some classical Chinese stories about animals. The children  will learn to say many names of the animals. And we will talk about their homes, skin colors, sounds and featues that make them unque. They can choose their favorite animal and talk about it.


The Monkey and The Moon猴子捞月亮 (hou zi lao yue liang)

Little Bunny Open the Door小兔子乖乖 (xiao tu zi guai guai)            


Two Tigers两只老虎(liang zhi lao hu)


What is this animal?    这是什么动物

This is ...   这是

Dog 狗 (gou) , Cat猫 (mao), Rabbit兔子(tu zi), Tiger老虎 (lao hu), Monkey 猴子 (hou zi)


Met de komst van Moos verdiepen we ons in de wereld van de baby’s.  Hoe zien baby’s eruit bij de geboorte?  Had jij veel haar? Kunnen baby’s lopen?  We leren hoe we een baby vasthouden en verzorgen.  We nodigen juf Chris en Moos uit en brengen alles in gereedheid voor een geboortefeestje.  Hopelijk brengt Moos ons deze week een bezoekje en kunnen we een echte baby van dichtbij bewonderen!


de baby, de fles, verzorgen, wiegen, huilen, de fopspeen, de luier, beschuit, muisjes

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