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Week Beginning 19 June 2017


  • Please let us know if your child is leaving before the end of term. This will allow us to organise all of their belongings and have the final Tapestry post updated.
  • This week will be a big week for us all as we will also be celebrating the end of year in the Nursery classes with the class parties on Tuesday. A big THANK YOU to our wonderful class parents who are organising the parties!
  • Reuse, Reduce, Recycle: Second Hand Uniform Sale

It is that time of the year again when many families are preparing to move away from Shanghai and on to new adventures! Or perhaps your child has simply outgrown their current tops and bottoms. Please consider donating all your unneeded BISS Puxi uniforms to the Second Hand Uniform Sale.

All items can be dropped at the Primary or Secondary reception desks until the end of the school year.

All items need to be clean and in good condition, thanks for your support.

The next Second Hand Uniform Sale will take place at the start of the new school year. So please come and restock your children's uniforms at the sale in beginning of September.

If you would like to work on the Second Hand Uniform Sale project, please email Tracy at tracyly55@yahoo.com. It only involves 4 afternoons over the course of the school year and all proceeds go to charity.


For science week the learning in the four rooms in Nursery will allow the children to explore a different sense. The Fox cub room will focus on touch while the Panther room will focus on listening.

In the Fox class we will be using feeling boxes, exploring and experimenting with different types of slime. Our favourite so far has been the soap slime and we will develop this by inviting the children to take part in some blindfolded mystery foot baths. Can you describe how the object feels? What do you think it is?

In the Panther room we will be listening to and identifying environmental sounds in a Sound Lotto Game, listening to different instruments and making water bottle music, tin can telephones from recycled cans and cups and making shakers containing different dried ingredients.


science, experiment, explore, feel, smell, touch, taste, hear, listen, music, sound, texture, slimy


The Wolves and Meerkats will be hosting the learning about sight by looking at shadows and drawing around their shadows, using mirrors and torches and learning about sun safety for their eyes. If we have any parents who are optometrists we would welcome you coming in to support this learning with the children.  The Meerkat class will also be developing investigations into smell. We will do a smell walk around the school, make play dough adding essential oils and make smelling pots that all of the children will guess the contents of. These will include garlic, onion, chocolate, coffee and perfume. Once again if you have any ideas that would further support this learning we would welcome your ideas. All of the classes will go to each room to share each a range of investigations.


senses, sight, sound, taste, touch, smell, what can you see? What can you smell?


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sipHgMvOc6Y The Five Senses Song


De piraten van (Pre) Nursery vissen deze week allerhande zeedieren op uit de wijde oceaan.  We nemen onze hengel en snorkel mee in onze piratensloep om al het moois onder water te bekijken.

Samen met Piet Piraat zingen en dansen we de `wonderwaterwereld` in.



de zee, de hengel, de vis, snorkelen, duiken, het masker, ademenen, de kwal, de inktvis, het zeepaardje, de schildpad


We will continue our science topic as the children enjoyed exploring floating and sinking. This week we will be focusing on “changes”. We will investigate what happens to SKITTLES (coloured sweets) when you put them in water. What do you think will happen?  We will also mix water with sugar and salt to investigate how substances dissolve. We are going to learn lots of words to describe the senses. It will be fun and you can do these activities at home with children as well.


science科学 ( ke xue), smell  闻 (weng), taste尝(chang), dissolution溶解 (rong jie)


Rainbow Candy Science for Kids彩虹糖做彩虹 (cai hong tang shi yan)


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