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Week Beginning 9 October 2017


  • Please make sure your child has named, appropriate rain clothing such as a rain coat and wellington boots.
  • BISCAP/PE/Swimming: We are so excited going to our specialist lessons and BISCAP classes. Help us to keep all your child’s belongings safe by naming everything clearly with name and class. Remember to bring your school P.E kit to change into when it is time for P.E.
  • Uniform: we are growing in independence and getting changed for PE is an important part of the lesson. Please remember to send your child’s PE kit in a bag, so that they can change within the PE lesson time.
  • Registration for the HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) is now open to adults and students. The HSK test will be held on Saturday 11 November 2017. Please see the attached registration form for information. Full documentation and payment for HSK test must be received by Monday 9 October 2017.
  • We are looking for parents who are able to volunteer their time to help with our Early Years Library. This would include keeping the books in order, scanning books in and out, reading to children, demonstrating book care and making the book area looking inviting. Please email Liz Peacock (e-peacock@bisspuxi.com) if you would like to volunteer.


This week we are supporting the children to apply their phonics by making their mark in our class learning environments. We are developing stimulating learning environmenst which reflect the needs and interests of our different children. This week we will model writing labels and captions that tell us more about our enviornment e.g. captions to go with pictures of the children learning and posters to remind them of key routines. Then we will ask the children to make their own- we love writing for a purpose!


Label, caption, sentence, meaning, read back, tell me what you have written


We are consolidating these sounds s a t p i n d g o c k m and working on blending them together to read and write simple words and captions e.g. cop, mat, ‘sit on a pin’.


We are concentrating on counting out a small number of objects from a larger amount for careful counting. This is a great activity to practise at home in play or when cooking or laying the table- “please get me 6 from the drawer!” Children have to think carefully- making sure that they do not grab to many or too few, check and then correct themselves. Please add any examples you see at home onto Tapestry.


More, less, fewer, careful, one to one, check


The children are keen to develop roleplay areas in our classrooms- now we will look at “who”they are pretending to be when they play in there. Who is your character? What do you need? We will model there being a “problem” in the story e.g. the rocket has run out of fuel! What might happen next? We will work with the children to develop their story telling and make purposeful links to literacy and maths, scribing their ideas.


“let’s pretend”, imagine, character, setting, how would they feel? What would they say?, problem, how will we fix it?


We will talk about the Autumn, to see how is the season getting changed,by walking out to pick up leaves and find out the colours in nature.


Autumn is coming  秋天到 (qiu tian dao)


Leaf painting


The wind of autumn (秋风吹吹 )(qiu feng chui chui)


Autumn秋天 (qiu tian )     leaf树叶   (shu ye)      golden  金色 (jin se)      red 红色 (hong se )    yellow 黄色 (huang se)


It’s cooler in autumn ! (秋天真凉爽!)(qiu tian zhen liang shuang)We will review the body and emotion vocabulary and then introduce the Chinese Moon Festival theme.


Deze week gaat de Nederlandse Kinderboekenweek officieel van start in Nederland én Shanghai.   We maken kennis met Joke in het boek  `Joke wil spoken`.  Joke is een rondzwevende geest.  Maar voor rondgevende geesten valt er weinig te beleven.  Dus Joke wil gaan spoken!  Joke zoekt een goed laken maar wil geen wit....  We ontwerpen een passend laken voor Joke en gaan zelf spoken in de kleuterklas.

Het lied bij dit prentenboek kan u bekijken via volgende link:


In Villa Letterpret zoeken we deze week woorden die beginnen met de letter `s `.

De kinderen van Reception  brengen elke dinsdag een bezoekje aan de schoolbibliotheek.  Gelieve het biebboek weer  tijdig mee te geven zodat uw kind elke week een nieuw boek kan uitkiezen.  Hartelijk dank voor uw hulp hierbij.


het spook, de geest,  spoken, zweven, vervelend, griezelig, het laken