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Parliamentary Procedure & Preparation

  • ISRMUN 2017 Parliamentary Procedure Banner

When the time arrives, knowing the Parliamentary Procedure is critical towards your result in the simulation. Each Model UN has its own parliamentary procedure, for instance, ISRMUN uses “caucus” rather than “debate”.

  • Motions are made by delegates to open/close the session, enter a Moderated or Unmoderated Caucus, start roll call, voting, to introduce a working paper, etc. To make a point a delegate should say: “My delegation makes a motion to______”.

  • On the other hand, points are used to ask questions, follow-up, make comments, ask for a personal privilege, as well as asking for information directly with the Chair at any given time in the session. To make a point, delegates should say: “Point of_____”, after raising their delegation placard and being chosen by the Chair.

Knowing the Parliamentary Procedure is essential to succeed at any Model United Nations simulation.

Position Papers

Preparation is essential to a successful ISRMUN simulation. Each committee features background papers to introduce and familizarize delegates with the topics that will be discussed in the committees. All delegates debating in regular committees are required to research and write a position paper about their asisgned topic. All position papers should include a list of sources used written in MLA format. It is mandatory for all delegates to bring an extra copy of their position paper to give to the Chair at the beginning of the first session. Delegations that do not submit position papers to the Chair will be ineligible for awards.

* Representatives (AU, OAS and AL) and judges (ICC) are not required to write position papers for their crisis committees. 



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