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Preparing your child for the world stage

Preparing your child for the world stage

Our collaboration with The Juilliard School is forged from the belief that the performing arts benefit students’ emotional and personal development and fosters skills and behaviours needed to be successful and confident adults.

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The Juilliard-Nord Anglia Performing Arts Programme

The performing arts can have a transformative effect on a student’s education. Through our embedded performing arts curriculum, your child will develop a passion for music, dance and drama. Collaboration, critical thinking and creativity are just some of the vital skills that students develop through a well-rounded performing arts curriculum. Our partnership with the renowned Juilliard helps cultivate an international perspective and transferrable skills that can be used across subjects and later on in life.

Juilliard curriculum overview
Skills for Tomorrow

Activities developed by Juilliard will not only help your child to understand the language of music, dance and drama, but also hone creative skills such as improvisation and composition. The lessons they learn here will help them improve in skills needed in the future including confidence, independence and problem solving.

Skills for the 21st century Juilliard
Our Music Curriculum 

As a leader in performing arts education, Juilliard offers the chance to learn from the best. Your child will study a repertoire spanning a range of genres, styles and cultures, and will discover world music using recordings, videos and performance.

Juilliard in Action
The Juilliard Collaboration In Action

Your child will be inspired by a worldwide network of artists and specialists across music, dance and drama. Through the embedded curriculum, a programme of workshops, masterclasses and performances, they will discover how music can broaden their world and transform them into confident global citizens. Watch our Juilliard collaboration in action around the world and in our classrooms! 

Dance Drama
Dance and Drama Launching Soon!

We are working with The Juilliard  School to extend the embedded curriculum to dance and drama. Launching in September 2017, The Juilliard School's dance curriculum will be available in select Nord Anglia schools. Check-in with us for any updates!