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Holly Stapleton


Science Teacher

Ms Stapleton joined the school in 2015 to teach science in Secondary School, having worked in both the UK and Sharjah previously.

Before leaving the UK to have an international adventure, I was working in an inner city comprehensive in Bristol. This was an interesting three years full of challenges and personal development. I really enjoyed being part of a strong team of staff and building up the confidence of students. My first international post was in Sharjah where I was able to teach Sixth form classes for the first time. I am enjoying working at BIS Abu Dhabi and the opportunities it provides; intellectually, professionally and socially.

As well as having an interest in the latest scientific discoveries I am an active person, spending much of my free time participating in a range of sporting activities. Most recently I have taken up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Rugby 7s.  I also enjoy creative projects – I am currently working on a scrap book documenting my time in the UAE.

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