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Grace Laureano

I completed my degree in Bachelor of Elementary Education at Wesleyan University, Philippines in 2003. After a year of passing the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET), I had the opportunity to work and deal with the children from ages 7 to 8 years old in a private school. After working for four years in private school, I decided to take a permanent position in a government school, where I spent another four years in Year 5 as a Maths teacher. I have been in NAISAK for 3 years now and it’s been a challenging experience as I have taught Year 1 and Foundation 2 and I am currently teaching Foundation 1 students.

I consider myself to be a loving, kindhearted, and trustworthy person. I care about my students, and build positive relationships with the people I work with. I am willing to learn new things and am open to new ideas. I especially like drawing, painting and craft designs. In my free time or holidays, I love to spend time with my family because it has always been most important to me.

At NAISAK, everyone feels happy and satisfied.  Everyone is passionate about being ambitious for the students and we work collaboratively to ensure that every child is given the opportunity to learn and develop. The health and safety of the students is a priority, and the relationship between the parents and the school is exceptional. Learning is personalised in order to make sure that every child reaches their full potential.

My aim for this year is to provide the children with a safe and engaging learning environment that fosters outstanding achievement. My hope is that it will give my students opportunity to develop as whole people who understand how to ask for support independently. One of the easiest ways to help children develop socially is through the simple act of playing. Joining in when a student is playing helps build relationships in a fun way and puts me in a great position to demonstrate sharing and cooperative skills. It allows me as a teacher to introduce an understanding of concepts such as winning or losing. Playing is very important because it gives children a chance to interact cooperatively with their peers and develops friendships.

Every child is unique and I will strive to support the development of their self–confidence. I will constantly encourage them to express their own ideas. I believe that a child needs to feel that they are valued and special, giving them a sense of self-worth, which in in turn leads to them being confident with others and knowing not only when they need support from other people, but when other people need support from them.

I will ensure a positive relationship with all parents by communicating often in various forms. I will provide information about what's going on in my class every week. This information will include what the students are learning about, what they've accomplished, what they're excited about and other concerns about the children. Some of the ways this information will be given to parents is through each student’s communication book, Parent/Teacher Meetings, emails and phone calls.

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