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Raymond Laureano

I graduated at Wesleyan University, Philippines with a Bachelor Degree in April 2003. My first teaching experience was in Montessori School of Jaen, Inc. as a Year 2 Teacher. I worked as a class teacher for three years before I was promoted to Head Teacher of the Grade School Department, as well as a Year 6 teacher. I worked in these positions until November 2012. Being given the opportunity to work in Qatar at such a wonderful school was a great chance to further develop my teaching and my knowledge in the world of education.

I am a simple type of person who loves to play basketball and I enjoy playing the guitar at home. My favourite pastime is getting my family all together in the kitchen to cook all sorts of different meals – my favourite food to cook is the food that reminds me of home, such a Pansit and Puto (common Filipino dishes).

NAISAK is different to all other schools that I have worked at because it is a truly international school with students and staff hailing from all over the world. When I first began working here, it was a big adjustment, but I have now learned so much about so many different cultures. I feel confident working at NAISAK as the leadership team offers constant support and encouragement.

The ultimate goal of a teacher is to impart knowledge onto our students. Learning not only academics, but the basics of life as well. As teachers, we are here to inspire, encourage, support and learn from one another in order to create a successful teaching-learning process. My task as a teacher is to bring learning to life. Academics wise, I believe in educational activities that stimulate and enhance students’ minds and senses. Another very important part of being a teacher is facilitating positive interactions between students, and developing positive social skills in different contexts.

I believe that one of the most important foundations for a positive relationship between parents and teachers, is transparency, which I strongly advocate when building a relationship with my students’ parents. I think that it is very important for both parent and teacher to feel comfortable enough to share their thoughts and understanding, and ensure a clear path for success, for every student in my class.

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