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Alan McArtney

I completed my Bachelor of Primary Education at the University of Aberdeen, in my home country of Scotland. Since graduating, I enjoyed teaching a lively Foundation Stage class in Scotland and joined the school two years ago when it was known as “CISAK”. I have always loved working with children; whether being in care-work, sports coaching or teaching.

I love my job. I consider myself very lucky to enjoy coming to work and spending my days with such pleasant and enthusiastic students and staff alike. Outside of school, I like to keep healthy and active whilst enjoying social opportunities and travelling when possible. The country of Qatar has gradually become my second home and I am grateful for the wonderful people and opportunities here, as well as the weather! I continue to make regular trips home to see my family and friends in Scotland, with whom I remain very close.

Professionally, the last two years at NAISAK have been fantastic. I feel extremely proud of what my students have achieved and I have enjoyed growing along with them. When comparing to teaching in Scotland, I love the diversity of personalities, backgrounds and skills that are present in the classrooms, because I can learn a lot from the students as well. As a teacher, I feel like I have a lot of freedom to teach what interests the children and can cater for individual needs and aspirations.

I am looking forward to supporting the Student Council again this year, as it builds on successes from last year’s cohort. The Student Council is an excellent way for student opinions to be shared, giving students the opportunities to take responsibility for decisions that contribute to the school’s overall achievements.

I plan to guide and encourage each one of my students, who can look forward to challenge, collaboration and learning creatively. Learning in my class is active, ambitious and, most of all, fun. 4N students benefit from a nurturing environment where they are invited to try new things, take responsibility for what they learn  and develop their independence, resilience, curiosity and cooperative skills.

Students will face academic tasks with support from myself and other supporting professionals, while being encouraged to develop confidence and social skills when working with peers. A respect for all students and staff is modeled by myself and expected to be shown at all times by those in 4N.

I always welcome any communication from parents at any point throughout the year. Whether this is an informal chat in the courtyard, a scheduled meeting or e-mail, I will happily find time to discuss issues or questions you have about your child or myself. The preferred method of contact is through notes in your child’s Communication Book. This way, I can plan time in the teaching day to reply to your comment. If you have more than a simple question to ask then you may wish to set up a meeting, using the Communication Book to do this. I feel that consistent and productive communication between teacher and parents is very important in the progress of NAISAK students.

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