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Caroline Rowlstone

I am from Kronberg, which is a small town in the countryside of Frankfurt, Germany. That’s where my parents live and where my school career began. I did my A-levels in 1996 in Language, Art, Geography and Numeracy. Before I started my career as a Primary Teacher I worked as a nurse at the Women’s Hospital in Heidelberg. I always wanted to work with children and initially I wanted to become a pediatrician, which turned out to be a bit too emotional for me, as I like to see happy children. In 1999, I went back to university to study Primary Education and various subjects to become a teacher. I graduated from the University of Education, Heidelberg (Germany) in 2006 and since then have been teaching in various schools. 

We moved to Qatar in 2009 and I worked at the German School in Doha for two years before I started teaching at NAISAK, which was then CISAK, in September 2012. My daughter, Charlotte, who was born in 2011, will be in F2 class this year. I love spending quality time with my family and friends over a nice dinner. I like reading and also doing arts and crafts in my free time. If the temperature is nice, I like strolling around Souq Waqif always looking out for some treasures. Cooking and baking are also one of my hobbies. Recently I have started teaching myself how to cook some Arabic dishes.

Working at NAISAK means working within a big international family. You get to meet people from places all around the world, which makes my life very interesting. I like that NAISAK has high expectations of staff and students, which is the way I like to work. Good learning and good achievements are rewarded, which is motivating. 

I am a very passionate teacher and I love my job. All learners come to school in the morning awake and with a smile on their face, ready to learn. Each child is unique and will be treated as such. Learning will be differentiated according to your child’s learning level and ways to support your child at home will also be discussed with parents.

Students will be part of a classroom routine that teaches them to become a responsible and helpful person. I have a strong focus on social behaviour and I expect all children who are in my class to be aware of this.

My goal is to teach your child to become an independent, resilient and hardworking learner who will maintain the ethos and expectations of our school.

I have high expectations for your child’s learning progress. Both myself and class  Learning Assistant will monitor your child very closely and support him/her wherever we can. All learners have access to a wide range of learning materials to choose from to implement independent learning. Learning should be fun, effective and focused.

Throughout the year, I will also teach your child to reflect on his/her daily learning and to communicate his/her needs in an appropriate way. I also have high expectations for parents, as your child at this stage is too little to manage their learning on their own. Making sure that your child is at school on time with the correct learning materials is a huge help.

I do maintain a very close relationship with parents through meetings, emails and writing notes in the Communication Book. Parents have a very strong impact on their child’s learning; hence you will receive a weekly home learning letter, which informs you about your child’s learning for the following week. For any other event happening in school you will be informed in advance to give you enough time to prepare. It’s a tradition in my class to invite parents twice a year to celebrate your child’s learning after a school event. I also have a weekly meeting time which gives parents the opportunity to speak to me if need be. If a translator is needed, please don’t hesitate to inform the Reception staff or me.

The most important way to keep up the communication is to check your child’s folder on a daily basis. If your child will be absent from school kindly inform me in the morning either through sending an email or phoning Reception. 

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