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Kathryn O'Donoghue

I completed my BA at Rhodes University in South Africa in 2010 in English Literature and Psychology before going on to study my PGCE in teaching English as a home language and as an additional language. After spending two years in the USA, I decided to join my family in Qatar and applied for a teaching position at NAISAK. I have taught Year 2 for two years at NAISAK and enjoy working with this age group immensely.  I will be teaching Year 2 again this year and I am looking forward to working with this age group again.

I am an avid reader and sharing my love of books is always one of my main goals in a classroom.  I also enjoy spending time outdoors and I am particularly interested in water activities such as kayaking and swimming. Teaching is both a career and a passion of mine and a large amount of my free time is used to research new teaching theories and looking on Pinterest for display ideas!

I was initially drawn to the school because of its internationally diverse culture and the opportunity it gave me to explore teaching children who speak many different languages. As a result of this, and my particular interest in the development of a learning environment that establishes a core of personal and educational success for the EAL learner, I believe that NAISAK provided an exceptionally good platform for this.  NAISAK is a phenomenal working environment because of its ability to create a learning space that is both challenging and fun. The nurturing character of this school ensures ongoing growth for educators and learners alike and it differs from many other schools in this constant quest for improvement. NAISAK provides an exceptional working environment through access to a vast range of resources, a positive staff ethos and the ability to remain learner-centered on every level of management.

I plan to develop a culture of reading in my classroom and a passion for learning through the provision of exciting learning opportunities on a daily basis.  Through an ongoing development of written and verbal English skills, I intend to develop a high-performance classroom with the expectation that all students are capable of success in all subjects.

I have grown particularly attached to the phrase “be ambitious” and the ways that this can be implemented in the form of high performance learning in the classroom. I believe that every child can and should be ambitious in his or her learning and that every teacher should expect all students to achieve high levels. I hope to engage my students in developing an inner dialogue for their own learning and, in so doing, provide them with a platform from which they can be engaged in the learning process on an individual level.

I believe that ongoing and consistent communication with parents is key to a successful school year.  I hope to engage parents in meaningful learning discussions throughout the year and will always have an open door policy. I strive to contact parents as regularly as possible with a focus on establishing positive communications about their children. I thoroughly enjoy using our Year 2 Facebook page to communicate regularly with parents.

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