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Shonah Keeling

Shonah Keeling

Year 1 Teacher

Having always had an interest in travel and the way in which different societies live, I chose to study Anthropology and Sociology at University. After finishing my degree, I spent two months on a volunteer project in Uganda, working with a small education based charity. It was great working alongside other volunteers and local teachers supporting learning in the classrooms.  

After one year working as a Supply Primary Teaching Assistant in London, I decided to take on a permanent role as a Teaching Assistant in a Secondary School. It was great to gain experience working with children in an older age group. I decided teaching was definitely the career I wanted to pursue and so I enrolled on a primary PGCE course at Manchester Metropolitan University. I have since worked in 2 Primary Schools in London, teaching in Year 1. I took on the role of Global Links Coordinator in my last school and took on a leading role in the planning and facilitating of International Week.   It has been a real privilege to work with children from such a diverse range of range of faiths, cultures and backgrounds. 

I have always had a passion for travel, meeting new people and experiencing different cultures. During my time at University, I spent 3 months working at a Summer Camp in Iowa, U.S.A which was a great experience. It also gave me the opportunity to explore other parts of America such as New York, Boston and Chicago. I have also travelled parts of Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

This is my second year at NAISAK teaching in Year 1. This year I have taken on the role of Year leader. I am looking forward to taking on a leadership role within the team supporting the teaching and learning within the year group.  I am an enthusiastic and committed individual and I bring both of these attributes to my teaching. I have high expectations of the children I teach and ensure they are sufficiently supported and challenged to allow them to make the best possible progress.

I am committed to providing a nurturing environment where students in my class have a real hunger for learning, have confidence in their abilities and are supported to take on challenges. Reciprocity is one of the key principles NAISAK promotes to allow children to ‘build learning power’. I create an environment where children are supported and encouraged with their learning and develop an attitude of ‘not giving up’.  I wish to continue to build on a love of learning in my classroom, which is at the heart of NAISAK.   

I have always prioritised building positive relationships with the parents and caregivers of the students I teach. In order for children to feel safe and happy and to get the best out of their learning, good communication is vital. I will always be available to speak in the morning and at collection at the end of the school day. The communication log will also be a way to pass any messages on and this will be checked on a daily basis. I believe a positive relationship is important in ensuring consistency for your child and to allow their learning journey to be collaborative.

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