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Year 3 Pyramid Project

As part of our Ancient Egypt topic, the Year 3 students have been busy collaborating in groups. Their challenge is to make a free-standing pyramid. 

  • Year 3 Pyramid Project
  • Year 3 Pyramid
  • Year 3 Pyramid Project
  • Year 3 Pyramid Project
First, they had to test materials to see which would be the strongest, most durable while being practical and cost effective.  Taking turns, they had to measure, saw and glue wood together to make the pyramid structure.  Next they had to plan how to cover and decorate the pyramid.  They have had to research the Ancient Egyptian social scale, understanding the hierarchy from hundreds and thousands of years ago.  They then put their computing skills to the test, editing images to make themselves Pharaohs, slaves, priests and more.  Their creative skills came to play when they explores different effects they could make with sand and/or paint.  The pyramids are almost complete…we can’t wait to see the finished products!
Libby Henderson

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