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    Located directly on the shores of the scenic South Lake (Nan Hu), we offer your child a respite from busy city life each day.

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  • A World-Class Curriculum

    We are the only school in Guangzhou to offer your child premium access to the English National Curriculum.

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    Your child will be offered world-class opportunities designed to develop confidence, skill and responsibility.

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  • Highest Quality Staff

    Our teaching staff are the finest in Guangzhou. All are police verified and fully qualified with UK or international teaching experience.

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  • Welcome to Guangzhou

    You won't just receive an excellent education for your child, you'll also be joining our growing international community.

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  • New Opportunities

    From our choir to our sports teams, every day something wonderful happens at The British School of Guangzhou.

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    Your child is our focus. Tell us about them and we'll help you make the right choices.

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Welcome from the Head Students

Every year, Head Students are chosen as peer representatives. These students convey pride, respect, commitment and an outstanding contribution to the school community.

  • BSG Head Students
  • Head Students

Our Head Students for the 2016/17 academic year are Bethany Jayesinghe and Apple Lee.

Bethany Jayesinghe

Hello! Welcome to The British School of Guangzhou! My name is Bethany Jayesinghe and I have been at BSG since Year 4. I’m currently in Year 12 taking four AS subjects: Geography, Biology, Business and Maths. Outside of school, I enjoy playing sports and travelling, discovering new cultures.

As a student at BSG, I have been fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to participate in numerous amounts of extracurricular activities, from sports teams to production, which I believe has truly enriched my school experience.

As head student, I intend to portray BSG’s five core values: Love of Learning, Responsibility, Respect, Commitment and Integrity, thus acting as a role model for my fellow students.

This year we are fortunate enough to have the support of four other student leaders, making up the Student Leadership Council, which Apple and I co-chair. Together our main aim for this year is to enrich student leadership within BSG, developing the structure, so that traditions can be formed to deepen this mechanism within the school.

Being a member of the student body for so long, I feel a strong sense of pride looking at the school I first moved to in comparison to what it has flourished into now. I look forward to working with Apple in order to learn from this experience and discover what it means to be a student leader at BSG.

Apple Lee

Hello! Welcome to another year at the British School of Guangzhou!

My name is Apple Lee and I have been in BSG since 2012. I am currently a Year 12 student studying four A-level subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Spanish. My role as one of the Head Students this academic year is to be a role model for the whole school and act as an ambassador to greet parents and guests in all school events, including the PTCs. Additionally, Bethany and I will be collating ideas and suggestions through the individual councils presented from the student body and provide them as feedback to Secondary Staff and the Student Leadership Committee to make improvements to our growing school.

The abundance of academic and extracurricular opportunities available for students in BSG, ranging from sports teams to production, STEAM clubs to language boosters, and photography to painting, allow our students to be holistic and prepare them for the outside world awaiting them. It excites me to be able to act as an ambassador for BSG; I look forward to learning from the experience by cooperating with the student body and staff.


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