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Our School Fees

This is our Schedule of tuition and other fees for the 2017/18 academic year. All tuition fees are payable in advance.

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For enquiries relating to the payment of school fees, please contact our Finance Department: E-mail: finance@nis.or.id   | Telephone: +62 21 782393

Prior to the start of Term 1 parents can choose one of two payment plans: i) a single annual payment;  or ii) payment in two termly installments.

i) For full annual payment received before 7th August 2017 (IDR per child)

Grade Tuition Fee Development Fee Total
Pre-Nursery 42,250,000 0 42,250,000
Nursery 1 64,740,000 9,240,000 73,980,000
Nursery 2 91,840,000 17,160,000 109,000,000
Kindergarten 1 / Group 1 164,640,000 20,400,000 185,040,000
Kindergarten 2 / Group 2 218,400,000 22,080,000 240,480,000
Primary 1 / Group 3 218,400,000 22,080,000 240,480,000
Primary 2 / Group 4 218,400,000 22,080,000 240,480,000
Primary 3 / Group 5 218,400,000 22,080,000 240,480,000
Primary 4 / Group 6 218,400,000 22,080,000 240,480,000
Primary 5 / Group 7 218,400,000 22,080,000 240,480,000
Primary 6 / Group 8 218,400,000 22,080,000 240,480,000

ii) For payment in two termly installments (IDR per child, including Development Fee)

Grade Sub-total Term 1 before 7 Aug 2017 (79 days) Sub-total Term 2 before 15 Dec 2017 (97 days) Total per annum
Pre-Nursery 22,815,000 27,885,000 50,700,000
Nursery 1 34,959,600 42,728,400 77,688,000
Nursery 2 49,593,600 60,614,400 110,208,000
Kindergarten 1 / Group 1 88,905,600 108,662,400 197,568,000
Kindergarten 2 / Group 2 117,936,000 144,144,000 262,080,000
Primary 1 / Group 3 117,936,000 144,144,000 262,080,000
Primary 2 / Group 4 117,936,000 144,144,000 262,080,000
Primary 3 / Group 5 117,936,000 144,144,000 262,080,000
Primary 4 / Group 6 117,936,000 144,144,000 262,080,000
Primary 5 / Group 7 117,936,000 144,144,000 262,080,000
Primary 6 / Group 8 117,936,000 144,144,000 262,080,000


Where the tuition fees remain unpaid after the published due date above the school will impose a 1.5 % late payment penalty per month to the outstanding balance by the 7th each month. In  the event of non-payment of tuition fees, the school has the right to refuse to accept the student into the school.

Parents are responsible for the payment of the applicable school fees before their child can attend school classes. All tuition fees are invoiced in IDR and are payable in IDR unless the payment originates outside of Indonesia, in which case a USD bank transfer at the prevailing bank exchange rate is acceptable.

Bank details
Beneficiary: Nederlandse Internationale School
Bank Name: PT. Bank ANZ Indonesia
Address: Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 33A, Jakarta 10220
IDR Account:  408 104 01 00001

When transferring fees, please note both the family name, and the name of students to which the feess elate in the TT notice. 

Application Fee

A non-refundable Application Fee of IDR 4,000,000 is payable upon submission of an application form to the school. This fee is to cover the administrative cost of each application. 

Re-Enrolment Deposit

A non-refundable/non-transferable re-enrolment deposit of IDR 7,400,000 must be transferred to school before 1st of June 2017 to hold a place for your child for the next academic year. This re-enrolment fee will be deducted from the school fee payment. 

Development Fee

This non-refundable fee applies to every child enrolled for 2017/2018.

Sibling Discount

A sibling discount may be offered where three or more children from the same family attend school, with 5% sibling discount for 3rd child, 10% for 4th and more. The percentage discount is available to younger siblings’ tuition fees only.


Before the start of school year (before 14 August 2017):
In the event a family decides to withdraw from NIS after the payment of the full annual invoice or the 1 (one) term tuition fee, 60% of the tuition fee paid will be refunded.

After the start of the school year (on after 14 August 2017):
In the event a family relocates overseas, a 40% refund of the tuition fee will be processed, with the submission of a withdrawal form and required documents to be approved by principal, with a minimum of one (1) months’ notice.

In any other situation (e.g. enrolling at another school in Jakarta during the school year) there will be  no refund applicable.

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