• Truly International

    With over 60 nationalities, we are a diverse and welcoming school which prepares students to succeed anywhere in the world

    Primary school girls play with a skipping rope in the playground

  • Globally-Respected Curricula

    We are the only school in Madrid to offer all three International Baccalaureate Programmes in English

  • Learning to Love Learning

    We believe in helping a child to discover and pursue their passions, whether that’s in the classroom, on the pitch or on stage

  • A Passion for Teaching

    Our teachers are dedicated to delivering high-quality education, and to helping every child reach their potential

    ICS Madrid Head of Secondary with the Math Department

  • Join Our Community

    We are proud of our growing family of parents, teachers and socially-confident students. We’d love to welcome you too

  • A Vibrant Place to Be

    The school year is packed with activities and achievements. Celebrate them with us

    A secondary school pupil laughs as he plays volleyball outside

  • Tailored to Every Child

    Our students love coming to school. Get in touch with us and we can talk about how we can make your child’s school days special

    Grade 6 girls smile with puppets they have made in art class

Putting the Garden into Kindergarten.

We are proud of our unique Kindergarten Garden and how our little ones learn inside and outside of the classroom. 

  • Early years learning advances with the new kindergarden area.
  • Reading to the children in Kindergarden in the new garden
  • The Mud Kitchen - part of the garden in kindergarden

Angela Hill, Early Years Coordinator at ICS said, “Learning is at the heart of what we do: play-based, inquiry-led, child-centered, indoor, outdoor, concept-focussed, rich, colourful, glorious learning. We know what it takes to provide a broad, balanced curriculum that enables children to flourish and grow.”

Our Kindergarten is unique in Spain. Every area has been designed with a pedagogical basis to learning. Every small detail has been planned to build a love of learning. Every nook and cranny has been designed to stretch the imagination. The Kindergarden is a magical, enchanting place that defines what it is to be a child: to run, to jump, to sing, to play, to imagine, to dream, to learn!

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