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Why Choose Our School?

Learning at NACIS will be a creative, challenging and rewarding experience for your child. They will be inspired by both Chinese and International teachers to be personally, socially and academically ambitious.

Why choose our school?

What makes us special?

Your child will experience the best teaching from both the East and the West in a multilingual environment. Your child will love coming to school and will celebrate individual and collective success within a culture of pride and respect.

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Aug 28

Grade 1 Orientation

Aug 29

Grades 2 - 5 Orientation

Aug 30

Grades 10 - 11 Orientation

Aug 30

Grade 6 Orientation

Aug 31

Grades 7 - 9 Orientation

Therese Andrew article

What does it mean to be an international student?

To satisfy their curiosity on what defines an international school student, two Nord Anglia Education students surveyed their fellow peers across 15 countries on the meaning behind the word. What they discovered was fascinating.

Juilliard Huffington Post

The value of a performing arts education

What is the value of creativity amid fast-paced technological change? In his Huffington Post article, Nord Anglia Education CEO, Andrew Fitzmaurice, highlights the notable impact on students’ creativity, confidence, and global awareness from our enhanced performing arts curriculum.

GC Virtual Choir

A virtual choir becomes a global experience

Rachael Howarth tells us her experience on putting together a virtual choir across countries, cultures, ages and time zones for the Global Campus Virtual Choir. Over 2000 students from 15 countries and 43 schools contributed their voices to this amazing song composed by the talented Jack Blume.


‘East meets West’ NACIS Founding Family Celebration

With the end of our first academic year in sight, Nord Anglia Chinese International School Shanghai (NACIS) recently held our Founding Families celebration.


This week in the classroom - Global Campus takes Grade 9 students to New York

In this week’s edition of our weekly eNewsletter, we continue to share student reflections from the year so far. This week, we hear what our Grade 2 and 3 students have enjoyed most about their first year at NACIS. For Primary, we also share information on the upcoming productions including dates. From Secondary, we learn more about progress in the science labs and an exciting announcement for Global Campus activities.


This week in classroom - Language enhancement through song and debate

In this week’s edition of our eNewsletter, we bring you some highlights from Grade 1 as they begin to reflect on their first year at NACIS. We also share lots of photos from last week’s Primary Drama Days. From Secondary, we learn how students have been improving their Chinese language ability through singing and debating competitions.


This week in the classroom - Learning Enrichment Week

In this week’s edition of our weekly eNewsletter, from Primary, Grade 1D share how they have been learning to plant, grow and look after plants in their topic ‘Green Fingers’. From Secondary, we hear how Grade 9 students are working to help the local community through their Humanities studies by engaging with local government departments on disaster avoidance programs.


This week in the classroom - Learning through poetry

In this week’s edition of our weekly eNewsletter we learn how Grade 3 are enhancing their English, artistic and creativity skills by taking a closer look at a wide range of poems. For Secondary, we learn about the activities from the first day of Enrichment Week. We are also delighted to share the results from those students who were first to represent NACIS at a recent swim meet.