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Sixty Seconds with....Chae Wan Lee (Year 13)

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Please introduce yourself.
Hello, I am Chaewan. Up until joining Regents in year 8, I lived only in Korea and Thailand has become my second home. I am currently in the second year of IB, so at the moment I am bombarded with IB work and university applications but also full of excitement for the future.

How do you feel you’ve changed since joining the school?
As I joined Regents in Year 8 and have been attending the school for five years, I can recall more vividly how I have changed throughout my Regents life. In Year 8 and 9 I was not really confident about myself. However, studying IGCSE gave me a great opportunity to learn about the things that I really enjoy, and it allowed me to discover more about my areas of interests. Getting great results at the end of IGCSE definitely boosted my self-esteem, but personally I went through the most dramatic change as IB began.

IB was very different to IGCSE in that not only was there much more work to be done, but at the same time there were a myriad of extracurricular opportunities to get myself involved in, such as leadership roles, CAS projects and so on. As I accumulated experiences of standing in front of many people and presenting my ideas, I became a lot more confident. Also through the busy IB life I discovered much more about who I am in general.

If you had to choose five words to best describe your life at Regents, what would they be?
Relishing, vibrant, busy, unstoppable, fun

What do you like most about being a student at Regents?
I love how the size of a year group is relatively small, so as many of them can enjoy the great opportunities presented. For example, when I entered year 12, there were about 50 of us and about 20 leadership roles were officially available. This allowed many of us to move away from our little comfort zones and present ourselves to the entire school. Personally, I had an opportunity to become the Service Pillar Leader and I think it was one of the best things I got myself involved in because it allowed me to interact with numerous great people in amazing projects.

And what are your hopes for the future?
I am hoping to study Political Science at university and then Journalism at a postgraduate level. After that I want to become a journalist working for a Newspaper company rather than TV media. If I am lucky enough, I would love to spend about a decade as a war journalist, visiting a number of war places, putting my life at risks and danger but relishing the fact that I am reporting something that the entire world should be aware of and concerned about. 

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