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Week Beginning 20 February 2017


  • We would love any of your recycled materials you have at home. The Nursery children are always looking for more junk to be creative!
  • The Annual Parent Satisfaction Survey: Your feedback is essential in creating the best learning environment for your child. We encourage you take the time to fill out the 15-minute survey. Your responses will inform us on how we can improve your child’s overall learning experience. The last day to respond will be Monday 20 February 2017. Thank you again for your continued support and feedback. We look forward to hearing your responses. You can access the survey here.


This week we have been very busy learning in the different role play areas. Next week we will further develop these areas by inviting the children to write their own signs.

The children have adored dancing in the story castle they made and following on from the ‘grand ball’ where we had a special visit from Cinderella… she left us something to investigate! While running from the ball she left her shoe. We all had a try but it was too big for us! The children will continue to learn about size, using language such as big, small, biggest and smallest. We will also measure ourselves in different ways and see who is the tallest in the class.

Many of the children have a real love of pouring and filling containers. We have added rice and lentils to the shop and will develop this using different sized containers, funnels and bottles. The children will use this same language in the water tray and outside in the sand pit.

Last week in the Meerkat and Wolf class they read the story of ‘The Little Red Hen.’ This story has filtered through into the fox and panthers classes and has been enjoyed by all the children. On Thursday morning, the teachers will retell the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’ with a very special performance. The children will love to see the teachers all dressed up!


Story, performance,  Ball, role play, sign, write, read back


The Little Red Hen story


The children have really enjoyed listening to the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’ this week. We have planted different seeds and beans with the children and they are eager to observe the changes as they grow. To take this further and to link in with ‘The Little Red Hen’ we will make bread with the children. We will follow a recipe and model with the children how to measure the ingredients. The children have also responded well to the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, again the children have been curious about how the beanstalk grows. This week we will provide the children with magic dough and other materials to allow them to construct their own beanstalk.

The children have been practising their recognition of numbers to ten. This week we will continue to work on number recognition with the children and extend this beyond ten for some children. The children will also be given opportunities to order numbers to ten and sing number songs where they can visually see the numbers.

All of our children have been very creative and have shown an interest in spraying paint with water sprayers. We will extend this with the children by providing them with this experience outdoors where they will have a bigger space to work in.

The children are doing so well recognising and tracing their names. This week we will encourage the children to copy their names and focus on their letter formation. As our classes have been frequently doing combined outdoor P.E we have noticed much greater interactions and wider friendship circles forming. The classes working together as a unit is enhancing the children’s engagement and encouraging them to access all of the curricular areas.


Numbers to ten, plants, seeds, beans, water, recipe, bread, ingredients, instructions


Jack and the Beanstalk

Ordering Numbers


Deze  week bereiden de peuters zich helemaal voor op het optreden van 1 maart.  We oefenen voor het prinsessenbal en maken.


prinsessenbal, buigen, dansen, draaien, (stok) paard,  schild, zwaard, draak, bang


As the weather is getting warm and feels like spring has come. We will start  a new theme: the growing plants. We will talk about the growing process, elements like sun water and soil.  To follow this theme the children will make a “from the seed to flower ” picture.


seed / zhong zi/ 种子 , sprout /faya/ 发芽, bloom /kaihua/ 开花


Song of Jasmin / molihua/ 茉莉花

The Wonderful World of the Plants  / qi miao de zhi wu shijie /奇妙的植物世界