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Week Beginning 1 May 2017

Enjoy the holiday on Monday and we look forward to seeing the children back in school on Tuesday after the long weekend.


  • Many of our children are really enjoying lots of water play in this warmer weather, please ensure you do send plenty of spare clothes if your child likes to play in the water.  Short sleeved clothing is much more suitable for children who enjoy water play.
  • We are noticing that many of our children are getting too hot at school as they are still dressed for colder weather.  The children are very active at school and tend to get very hot, only one or two layers of clothing are generally needed for at school, with one warmer layer that can be added on a cooler day.
  • Early Years transition workshop: Tuesday 23 May from 8.45 – 9:30 in Stage One.  We will discuss ways we support the children in school as they move on to a new class and how you can help at home.
  • Book Fair: On the ground floor of the Primary school from Thursday 4 May to Saturday 6 May. Blue Fountain Books and Star Kids will be selling a large variety of books for children from Early Years through to KS4. They are bringing a selection of books for parents too! To help your child make suitable choices we will open the Fair up at scheduled times during the school day for parents to choose books with their children:

Thursday and Friday               8:00-10:30am and 3:30-4:30pm

Saturday                                     8.00-12.00pm


The children have been really enjoying both individual and collaborative projects with junk modelling this week, having made cars and rockets.  Next week we will build on the children’s interest in rocket making with themes around rockets, countdowns and space travel.  Telephones have also featured in some of the children’s play this week so next week we will extend this and introduce play around numbers and telephones also, giving the children opportunities to build on their number recognition skills. In the Polar Bears room the children are more interested now in ideas around the sea, under the sea and fish – this will be extended also with counting reinforced. Investigate real and toy telephones  that you have in your house with your child- play a game of “phone a friend!”


Countdown, rocket, space, telephone, counting, sea


Maths can be developed in any area of the children’s play, and as teachers we frequently look for opportunities for the children to build on their knowledge of numbers and counting whether they are playing in the role play area, with blocks or riding the bikes outside.  Children can count steps, blocks, laps of the playground or anything they see or do in their everyday life.  At Pre-Nursery level we encourage children to develop basic counting skills as well as beginning to recognise some single digit numbers in their environment.


Count, number, numbers 1-9


Deze week maken we kennis met de kunstwerken van René Margritte  in het prentenboek `Meneer René`.  Meneer René schildert zo goe d dat zijn schilderijen echt lijken.  Maar niemand wil ze kopen...Mijnheer René wenst dat zijn schilderijen echt waren, dan kan hij alles krijgen wat hij wil door ze te schilderen.   Deze week hebben we het over `echt ` en `niet echt`en schilderen we onze eigen wensen.



schilderen, het schilderij, de verf, echt,  niet echt, de wens


During  Mandarin  we  will  talk  about  caterpillars. We   will  read  the  story <The very hungry caterpillar>.

And  we  will  review  the  numbers.


caterpillar/mao  mao  chong /毛毛虫 ,  butterfly/hu die/蝴蝶, number/shu  zi/数字


Butterfly /hu  die/蝴蝶

Number song/shu  zi  ge/ 数字歌


Make  a  caterpillar/zhi  zuo  mao  mao  chong/制作毛毛虫