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Week Beginning 6 March 2017


  • This week is a short week. We will finish on Thursday 2 March and will return to school on Wednesday 8 March. No homework will be set for this week but the children may wish to participate in the many online activities on the Global Campus.


In Literacy next week, we will be using our topic of volcanoes as inspiration when thinking about writing poetry. We will begin by recalling a range of different poetic devices and techniques, including similes, onomatopoeia and personification. Once we are confident with using these, we will look at imagery created by other poems which have volcanoes or fire as their subject, before using all of this to create our own piece of poetry.


Structure, imagery, similes, onomatopoeia, personification


Coordinates will be our topic after the short break in Maths.  A quick reminder of how to read and plot coordinates in the first quadrant will be followed by reading and plotting coordinates in all 4 quadrants of a grid. Children will then move on to finding the missing coordinate on a grid to complete a 2D shape, as well as developing their problem solving to work out coordinates for points on unlabelled grids. Describing the translations and rotations of shapes moving within a grid will also be covered.


Vertical, horizontal, coordinate, quadrant, left, right, up, down, rotation


Year 4 have been studying the historical nature of the Pompeii eruption and the Geographical aspects of the volcanic eruption in Iceland over the last 2 weeks. This week the children will continue to comparethese 2 eruptions using all of the evidence we have collected from news reports, websites and non-fiction books. The children will be thinking about the effects of both eruptions and how much more devastating it was in the past before we had technology to help us make predictions. They will also be designing their own Evacuation Plan and thinking about the importance of this for future eruptions. Their own views and opinions will be discussed in a variety of ways in different classroom environments.


Eruption, Pompeii, Iceland, Geography, History, Evacuation Plan, evidence, reports, disruption


This week in Computing the children will be continuing to think about how to stay safe online with all of the new technology available to them in the modern world. They will be discussing social media and how to use it safely and appropriately and continue with discussions around this topic. We will also be completing our News Reports using a Green screen App and thinking about photographs that would make suitable backgrounds. They will be using the laptops and iPad’s to research the Icelandic Volcano and the effect it had on the local community and Europe as a whole.


Green screen, images, copy, save, background, safety, social media


Y4 C1

Topic: We will continue learning Lesson. 13 ‘House’

Students will learn sentence pattern ‘there is…/are’

Homework: Finish worksheet on this week’s topic

Y4 C2/C3

Topic: Lesson 5-Seasons-Text 2-Continued

This week students will learn to talk about the weather condition in different countries/cities/seasons

Y4 C4

Topic:  Lesson 9-Occupation-Text 2-Continued

Student will be able to introduce their parent’s occupation




Afronding Blijspel

We blikken terug op een fantastisch show en ronden het thema Blijspel af. De leerlingen van Y3 t/m 6 werken deze week aan een gezamenlijke klassendisplay over hun show. Ze werken aan een karakterbeschrijving en een pakkende samenvatting van het gespeelde verhaal, zonder het einde te verklappen (een zogenaamde ‘blurb’ of achterflaptekst). Ook schrijft elke leerling een evaluatie aan de hand van een vooraf opgestelde controlelijst.

We streven ernaar u deze week de Cito-resultaten mee te kunnen geven.


Year 3 / 4 Spanish – Ms Martinez

Next week we will look at adjective agreements, and learn the song Macarena.
There will be no homework this week due to the long weekend.

Year 3 / 4 Spanish – Ms Watson

This week the students are still learning the names of different rooms in a house and a range of items that can be found in each room. For homework the students will review the food, numbers and days of the week we have been learning.
There will be no homework this week due to the long weekend.

Year  3/ 4 French:  Miss Wood

Next week in French we shall be revising and reviewing the days of the week and months of the year. The children will practise their counting skills up to 100 and will do simple calculations to help reinforce. We shall look at different important dates on calendars and events that are celebrated.
No homework due to the long weekend.

Year  3/ 4 Native French:  M. Valente

La semaine prochaine, Paul travaillera sur les types de phrases et la ponctuation. Comme d’habitude, il n’y a pas de devoirs pendant les vacances.

Year  3/ 4 Native German:  Ms Brannasch

Diese Woche haben wir untersucht, wie man einen Brief schreibt und haben auch Briefe verfasst. Zu Hause sollten die Kinder ihr Buch lesen und im Lesetigerheft malen oder schreiben. Sie können auch versuchen, einen Brief an eine der Buchfiguren schreiben, das wäre aber optional.

Year  3/ 4 Native Spanish:  Ms Garcia

La semana que viene trabajaremos la comprensión lectora y los sustantivos. Como deberes, deben revisar las normas ortográficas en las palabras con ‘j’ y ‘g’.