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Week Beginning 29 August 2016

We look forward to welcoming you at our ‘Meet and Greet’ meeting on Monday 29 August from 6.15-8.00.  There will be a brief ‘Welcome’, followed by two sessions with class teachers in the classrooms; one at 6.45 and another at 7.15.  This will give you the opportunity to meet teachers if you have children in different year groups.  It will allow you also to ask any questions and meet other parents of children in your class.


  • Homework will be given out on Wednesdays and expected in on Mondays. 
  • Please ensure that your child has the correct school uniform. In particular please ensure your child is wearing black shoes. Girls should wear plain white socks and boys should wear black or grey socks. You can review the school’s uniform policy at http://www.nordangliaeducation.com/our-schools/shanghai/puxi/our-students/student-life/our-school-uniform
  • Please remember to send in and label your child’s snack box and water bottle, as well as a hat during the hot weather.
  • ECA and BISCAP sign-up is available on the school website until 31 August and confirmation letters will follow. Both programmes will begin on Monday 12 September.
  • Y5&6 iPad Question and Answer Session: 8.45 – 9.30am, Monday 5 September (Stage One)


In Literacy this week, the children will be beginning a series of lessons investigating the use of the first person to write effective diaries. These will be linked to our World War 2 topic via the wonderful book ‘Friend or Foe’ by Michael Morpurgo. They will also discover how similes can be used to emphasise a character’s emotions  and express these more eloquently to the reader: vital skills to write an authentic diary. The children will also be looking at the use of pronouns to enhance their grammatical skill base.


First person, diary, World War 2, empathy


In Maths, the children will continue  working collaboratively on an exciting project about code-breaking. They will be investigating a range of codes and cyphers used throughout history, from the Caesar Shift of Roman times to the highly sophisticated Vigenere Square with its multitude of combinations and outcomes. The children will have to use a range of mathematical techniques and demonstrate excellent resilience  in their investigations to solve a series of complex puzzles and solve ‘Project Ultra’!


Code, cipher, Caesar, Pigpen, frequency analysis


We will be continuing our World War 2 topic and building on the foundations of knowledge we have laid in the first week back. The children will be investigating the Blitz and discovering what life was like for children under the rain of bombs falling upon London during 1940. They will also be using a range of challenging techniques in Art to construct a multi-layered piece of printed work that depicts the destruction of war. This will be coupled with an investigative scheme of work using laptops and iPads to study how shelters were built to keep the population safe from falling bombs.


Blitz, evacuation, bombing, incendiary, lino


This week the children will use a new touch typing program and will begin to learn the coding language ‘Python’.


Touch-typing, coding, Python


In PSHCE this term we will be looking at teamwork and collaborative working.  We will focus further on fostering new relationships, creating rules and expectations for the group and how to work together successfully.  


Trust, bravery, commitment


Welkom bij Reisbureau SDS!

Deze week beginnen de Nederlandse lessen op SDS/BISS Puxi. De leerlingen in Y3 t/m 6 krijgen 5 uur Nederlands, mits ze niet eerst EAL volgen. In dat geval starten ze met 2 Nederlandse lessen per week. Dit eerste thema gaat over reizen. We onderzoeken het verschil tussen een reisverslag (zoals de grote ontdekkingsreizigers) en een reisverhaal (denk aan Jules Verne). We bespreken wat een goede reis kenmerkt, wie zo’n reis samenstelt en wat je daar allemaal voor moet kunnen en moet doen. De leerlingen mogen hun favoriete vakantiefoto meenemen en een foto van de tofste vakantieactiviteit (mail naar c-samsom@bisspuxi.com) . We zullen de foto’s gebruiken in de lessen en op de displays.


Y4/5/6 MNDCN 


Mandarin Y3/4/5/6 CS1

This week we will review our Mandarin class routines, revise the topics we learnt last year through interactive activities.

Homework: There is no homework this week.

Mandarin Y3/4/5/6 CS 2/3/4

This week we will focus on Mandarin classroom routines; helping students to settle down into Mandarin learning environment through interactive activities.

Homework: There is no homework this week.


Year 6 French - Ms Caldwell
Next week we will be reviewing greetings and talking about yourself.
Homework: Children will prepare a short talk about all about themselves. 

Year 6 French – M. Cattel/ Mme McConnon
Next week we will be reviewing greetings and talking about yourself.
Homework: Children will prepare a short talk about all about themselves. 

Year 5/6  Spanish -  Ms Martinez
Next week we will be getting to know each other, reviewing key vocabulary of greetings and talking about who we are. We shall also review basic classroom vocabulary.

Homework: there is no homework this week.

Year 5/6 Native French – M. Valente
La semaine prochaine, les élèves feront des évaluations de lecture, de compréhemsion et d’expression écrites afin de mieux connaître leurs niveaux.  Ils commenceront aussi à utiliser le Projet Voltaire en ligne.
Les devoirs: il n’y aura pas de devoirs cette semaine.

Year 5/6 Native German – Ms. Brannasch
Nächste Woche werden wir uns spielend näher kennenlernen und über unsere erste Woche an der Schule sprechen. 
Es wird keine Hausaufgabe geben.

Year 5/6 Native Spanish  – Ms Garcia
La semana que viene nos conoceremos y evaluaremos nuestro nivel de gramática y ortografía.
Este fin de semana no habrá deberes.  

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