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4th November 2016


Our English work this week has been focusing on Shape Poems. We identified the features by reading a range of shape poetry and working out what they all had in common. We then chose an animal from a particular habitat and started to write sentences about what they look like, where they live, how they move and what noises they make. Some of us even got our sentences to rhyme! We then put these sentences into the shape of what our poem was about.


This week in Maths we have been learning about fractions. We started by finding a half, quarter and a third using Playdough and then progressed to finding these fractions of shapes. After we had mastered that, we tried to find fractions of numbers by putting objects into the correct number of groups.

Project Work

Our project work this week has been about sorting different plants and trees based on which region of the world they live in; polar, desert or rainforest. We then looked at what the plants which lived in the same region had in common and used these ideas to help us to design our own plant for the region that we chose.


This week, students learnt to identify circles, squares, triangles and rectangles by referring to things they can find in the classroom such as clocks, tables, windows, boxes and cabinets etc. They also learned to identify other shapes such as stars, the sun and the moon in the sky. An online flashcards will be introduced in the next Weekly Round Up Email.


In addition to learning move commands pupils have been learning new code to allow them to complete an action.  The new code allows the bee to collect nectar and make honey.

Physical Education

Swimming lessons have been spent experiencing the exciting new additions to the pool… the diving blocks! Some pupils have dived off of them but others have been jumping in. Great fun had by all.

This is the penultimate week of tagging games. This week`s session has focused on first of playing the icicle & fireball game.  After which each Year 2 class has had to decide how to adapt the game to make it either easier or harder for the taggers to freeze their opponents.


This week all Year 2 students were formatively assessed using the three aspects of the Juilliard Learner Profile - ways of being, thinking and doing. This included a focus on collaboration, curiosity and perception.


The children have been working on finding fractions of amounts this week and we would like them to continue to practise this at home. They choose one challenge (either the 8 slices of pizza, 16 bits of chocolate or the 24 jelly beans) and see if they can work out the different fractions that are listed.


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