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17th February 2017


This week in English, the children have applied the key features of persuasive texts to create their own persuasive leaflet to save rainforests. They created a draft which they then edited and improved, based on the success criteria that was established. Finally they presented these leaflets to the rest of the class. 


This week in Maths, we have revisited statistics.  The children started off the week by tasting biscuits and deciding which were their favourite two. They then created a tally chart and bar chart to show the results.  Following on from this, the children created their own questions about the graph to question their peers.  Towards the end of the week, using everything they have learnt, they created their own investigation - collecting results in a tally chart and then creating a bar chart to demonstrate the results. After half term we will have a week of revision, recapping the trickier areas of maths that we have covered so far.

Project Work

This week in Project Work, the children have continued to focus on plants. They have revised the parts of the plant and learnt about life cycle of flowering plants, including pollination, seed formation and seed dispersal. Additionally, time was spent on preparing for the much anticipated UN day, where the children were preparing decorations and information posters for their tents.


This week, the children have learnt the time of the day using half past, a quarter to and a quarter past. They were encouraged to engage in various carousel activities to improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Some activities the children enjoyed were mini character card games, charades, mini white board and categorising games. Additionally, Kagan activities were carried out to encourage cooperative learning in the language.


This week in ICT, we are looking at the importance of using trustworthy sources when researching information for project work. Students were referencing valid sources and combining their findings with their own thoughts and ideas. They have produced some excellent news reports about their Project Work topic and they have included some excellent images to support their work.

Physical Education

This week, the classes have been continuing to work on athletics. They have been focusing on running, jumping and throwing. The pupils have been on a continuous rotation as we have started to incorporate finer techniques. During relay, pupils have been focusing on baton change overs and pacing. In swimming, pupils have been working on their back stroke and back stroke starts. Some pupils have had a go at water polo due to it being the last week of term.


This week, Year 4 students enjoyed bringing to life the story of 'Ambush from Ten Sides' using a variety of sound effects.


Due to the half term holidays, there will be no homework to complete. Spellings were sent home to learn this week.

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