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26th May 2017


This week in English, the children have continued their work on balanced arguments. We started the week by reading, discussing and taking notes from a range of news articles and stories relating to fidget spinners. Once we organised this information into reasons for and against, we began writing the introduction paragraph using ‘some; others’ sentences. We continued to develop our arguments ensuring the correct use of a range of connectives, facts, evidence and statistics, before concluding the topic with a rhetorical question.


This week, the children participated in some informal assessments in number, shape, measures, statistics and fractions which will be used to inform our reports at the end of the term.

Project Work

This week’s activity in our IPC topic Fairgrounds has focused on making systematic and accurate measurements from observations.  We simulated a roller coaster car travelling along a track using a marble and a length of plastic tubing.  We recorded how far the marble travelled in different ‘tracks’ and measured and recorded these distances, ensuring that we repeated each test three times to make sure that our results were reliable. We then used our maths skills to calculate the mean average of these results before discussing how gravity, friction and air resistance acted upon the marble to slow it down to a stop.


This week, the students learned to ask and answer about what kinds of amenities there are in the neighbourhood. They engaged in a learning project related to the topic of Location and Amenities.


 In this code.org lesson, pupils learnt about the difference between an algorithm and a program and began course 2 on the code.org website to continue learning about computational thinking.   Concepts and skills are revisited in each course whilst delving deeper each time.

Physical Education

During our last tennis lesson of the half-term, the class competed in a ladder style doubles partner tournament trying to win games as a pair.  In dodgeball, the class have worked on putting their dodgeball skills into a variety of matches to end the unit.


Using the notation of each student’s original melodies, students were assessed on their ability to perform simple melodic lines with a good sense of pulse and rhythm. The assessment also observed how each student reflected on their own practice process.

Design & Technology

This week in Design and Technology, the children continued to learn about robotics and collaborative problem solving. They calculated distances and robot wheel rotations in order to solve the challenge. They then programmed their robot to test their proposed solution.



  • Please see the spelling journal for spelling words which were given out this week.  Children should learn their spellings for a test.  To be tested on Monday 5th June


Continue with your Fairgrounds report.  To be handed in on Monday 3rd July 2017.  Reports can be submitted in hard copy or electronic format.


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