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23rd September 2016


This week in English, the children have been writing letters of complaint. They began by text marking, identifying the features of an effective letter, before moving on to write their own letter based on animal cruelty, building on persuasive techniques.


This week in maths we have been multiplying, dividing, adding and subtracting proper and improper fractions as well as mixed numbers and ensuring we reduce our answer to the simplest form. We have used these skills and applied them when solving word problems and investigations.

Project Work

In Project this week we have:

  • Thought carefully about how our 'home' and 'host' countries are connected in a mutually beneficial way through sharing of traditions, languages, arts, skills etc. This enabled children to work towards their 'International Mindedness' personal goal.
  • Planned a journey from Singapore to our home county. Children learnt to manage their own transport arrangements, timings and budgets in this real life context.
  • Presented our homework research on our home countries to our classmates, working on our speaking and listening skills.
  • Begun to research aspects of Singapore in our Kagan groups.

This is the final week of the topic of date. Students revised the sentence patterns about indicating a specific date in Mandarin including special dates such as birthday and public holidays etc. New words for day of week were also introduced in our lessons.


In computing this week, students have been using the coding website Kodable to learn about further programming skills. They have been using skills such as looping to solve difficult puzzles. Students can look at the website address http://game.kodable.com to develop their skills further.

Physical Education

In PE lessons this week pupils have been working on beating their target time in their final cross country lesson. Classes who are currently on double PE have been putting learnt skills into mini game situations in volleyball. Classes undertaking swimming have been playing a water polo match in their last swimming session.


This week, we learned how the blues scale can be used to create melodies in a call-and-response form. Each student learned how to play this scale on the keyboard, then explored ways in which it could be used to create blues melodies. They then collaborated their question phrases and answer phrases with a partner and improvised over a 12-bar structure.

Design & Technology

This week in DT the children are learning about drilling holes. They are learning about how to mark out with accuracy and how to correctly and safely use the cordless drill.


Maths: One My iMaths activity has been set. Children also have an additional investigation activity based on their work on fractions.

English: Children research famous public speakers and speeches. Children are encouraged to watch clips of famous speeches and can make notes / print off any information that they can. This will be in preparation for next week’s topic.

Project work: Begin to research an area of history for your home country. Focus your research on a particular aspect of history, e.g. daily life, school, work, travel, etc.

Spelling: Please see spelling journals 


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