Year 7 Ba Vi Expedition Update (13-16/10/2015)


Year 7 have arrived safely in Ba Vi and have been busy ever since. Today we visited the honey bee farm and made fresh spring rolls at the organic vegetable garden. This afternoon has been spent enjoying Long Viet Village and we are looking forward to the water puppet show later.

Year 7 Bavi Expedition

Year 7 Bavi Expedition

Year 7 Bavi Expedition

Year 7 Bavi Expedition

Year 7 Bavi Expedition


Today we visited Ba Vi National Park, climbing to over 1000 metres above sea level to trek through the beautiful mountains. On the way we saw lots of exciting insects and overcome some challenging terrain! The afternoon has been spent completing team challenges such as magic shoes and mining for diamonds.......who will be the overall winners? Update tomorrow!

Ba Vi



Today we spent the morning at the tea plantation, picking tea leaves, producing the green tea and learning how to pour the perfect cup!

This afternoon we visited a traditional clay house where we learnt how to make rice paper rolls, at fishing with baskets, planted rice in the mud and grew our own spring onions!

This evening we have the infamous BIS's Got Talent....we can't wait to impressed by the Year 7's.

Ba vi 1

Ba vi 2

ba vi 4

Ba vi 3.1

bavi 5

bavi thu 5.1.1

bavi thu 5.2.1

bavi thu 5.4

ba vi 6

ba vi 7

ba vi 11

bavi 8

bavi 13.1

bavi 14

bavi 15

bavi 16.1

bavi 17.1


On our final day in Ba Vi we visited Duong Lam Ancient Village. The students learnt about the history of the village and spent time sketching some of the ancient buildings. As you can see, they still had lots of energy even after 4 very busy days!!





Mrs Amy Wild, Year 7 Ba Vi Trip Leader

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