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Ms Sue Hill Weekly Update 30th October 2015

Dear Parents,
Today it was somewhat spooky down the primary corridors of the BIS. Children and staff abandoned their school uniform and the staff dress code was ignored but this was all for a very good reason!

British International School Hanoi Halloween Day (243)

BIS Hanoi Primary

BIS Hanoi Primary

All those who took part in our non-uniform day brought in a donation for a local charity, supported by our school, The School on the Boat. This organization was set up in 2008 to help disadvantaged children to have an education here in Hanoi. Well done to our primary community; caring for others is one of our special words from the Aide Memoire.


As global citizens it is important to learn about historic events in other countries in addition to taking an interest in world news. Learning about global issues helps us to understand why people act in certain ways and what is important to others in their respective cultures. This week, children in Year 5 and 6 learned more about Remembrance Day in Great Britain. Mr. Rowlands provides further details in his report this week but I would also like to thank Mr. Halpin for inviting Staff Sergeant Rab Durrant, from the British Embassy, to our assembly to share information about the significance of the poppy.

BIS Hanoi Primary

BIS Hanoi Primary

Year 9 will be selling poppies at lunchtime in the run up to Remembrance Sunday. The suggested donation is 50,000 but any donation is welcome.  In addition to poppies, there are all sorts of other fun products they can donate for such as hair clips, wrist bands, temporary tattoos, those little fluffy creatures with the rattling bug eyes and other interesting items!

BIS Hanoi Primary

Congratulations to Year 3 who delivered an informative assembly today all about Halloween. Children, if you are celebrating Halloween this weekend, don’t forget the advice given to us: make sure an adult accompanies you if you go ‘trick or treating’ and be aware that not everyone wants to be involved in scary activities!

Ms Sue Hill, Head of Primary


Congratulation to our fine diners this week:
-    Chi Kien 3I
-    Duc Tri 3I
-    Binh Minh 4B
-    Reiki 4B
-    Laura 5I
-    Emily 5I

BIS Hanoi Primary

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