World GIS Day celebrated at BIS Hanoi


, or Geographical Information Systems, is computer software that allows geographical data, such as population, pollution, climate, poverty and wealth to be represented on maps.

This week, Year 9 students have been completing on-line tasks to find out 'How Risky' the place that they live is if an Ash Cloud Apocalypse was to happen as a result of a Mega Volcano erupting.

GIS Day BIS Hanoi

Students located their home towns, and using the web-app software, were able to score their home town by using the GIS data layered onto the map in the app.

Check out the link below to see what they were researching; And if you want to see how 'risky' other places are around the world, click the



James Forster, Teacher of Geography

Jim Schofield, Geography Subject Leader

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