English as an Additional Language

Continuing in its quest of providing excellence in the teaching of English for academic purposes, the EAL Department hired two experienced and excellent instructors – Michael Tchakov and Simon Hoare – to its staff in the 2014/15 academic year. With the help of Mr Tchakov and Mr Hoare, the EAL Department has created a unified programme designed to better meet the needs as well as track the progress of each and every student in regards to grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing, and listening comprehension. It continues to be the desire of the department that each student possess a CEF level of B2 (upper-intermediate) by the time he or she reaches Year 11.

As for the future, the EAL Department is looking to broaden the opportunities it provides by offering business English and IELTS preparation for those students and their parents who are interested. The department is also looking to implement a wider variety of materials to better suit those students who will eventually be enrolled in the International Baccalaureate programme.




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