Bristol, Cardiff, Bath and Exeter Universities

I was lucky enough to visit four universities in the UK over the summer holiday;








. Bristol and Cardiff are similar in that they both in cities but have their own distinct areas of the city so students can move around buildings and accommodation relatively easily. The universities were very integrated with the city and the city provides good services for students at the university. They felt similar in set up to when I visited Harvard and Georgetown universities in the US.

Bath and Exeter, however, are on purpose built campuses at the edge of their respective cities and have grown rapidly over the last few years. This felt like visits I made to the University of Virginia and Duke University in North Carolina. It was really interesting to be show around all these very well regarded universities and talk to International Officers about the value they place on students with good grades from schools such as ours. It was also fascinating to be back in the situation of looking at different styles of university to help students decide what is best for them.

Mr Christopher Short, Secondary Headteacher

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