Message from Head of Years 9/10

I am very excited about my new role as Head of Year 9 and 10. These are the years when students begin to make the transition from child to young adult, and also when they choose and begin studying their first formal qualifications. Students and parents have a lot of questions during this time; I will very much enjoy aiding them on their journey, and dealing with the challenges along the path.

I already know a lot of the students through having taught them in my English classroom, being a Year 9 co-tutor and, of course, our excursion to Sa Pa last year. I challenge our present Year 9 to bring the same enthusiasm, competitive spirit and sense of humour to this October’s trip, and am sure they will rise to this. At the same time, Year 10 will be rising to the challenge of their IGCSE courses. Over the next few weeks I will be getting to know students in my year groups in more depth. My teaching is very much about understanding students as individuals: their likes and dislikes, worries and concerns, dreams and aspirations. I firmly believe that this lets me do a better job of helping them achieve their potential and it is something I will carry though to my Head of Year role.

As a school, we do a very good job of educating students not just academically, but in a much more rounded fashion, and I look forward to helping further this as Head of Year. We have a wonderful pool of enthusiastic and committed students across both year groups, with a diverse range of interests and skills. Given the right effort, their potential is limitless.

Mr Robert Glossop, Head of Year 9/10

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