Dr Lee Environmental Day

What a fantastic day we had on Tuesday for Geography and the IPC explorers topic! Dr Rebecca Lee, a famous Environmental Scientist and Polar Explorer, came to deliver an inspiring presentation to our Primary students about Exploring, Global Warming and Cold Environments, as well as presenting to a combination of BVIS and BIS Students in further detail about Climate Change and careers in the diverse sphere of Geography and Science.

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What excited us the most about her talk was that she was persuasive and adamant that our local role as Global Citizens is pivotal in ensuring the our planet stays healthy for generations to come. In short, whatever field our students choose to be employed in, or higher education subjects they choose to study, all subjects tie in well with her message: every student will have a number of different ways to help to achieve the aim of protecting Mother Nature.

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The talk was a great stimulus for Year 4 in their IPC explorers topic and has inspired the Secondary Geography department to further facilitate students to aspire and realise their ability to be able to create and sustain long-lasting change. Watch this space for an update in 3 weeks time.

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On behalf of all the staff and students who listened, and help prepare for her visit, we say 'Thank You' to Dr. Lee for her visit.

Jim Schofield, Geography Subject Leader

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