Ms Sue Hill Weekly Update 18th September

Caring is one of the special words in our BIS Aide Memoire and has been a focus for our school this term. Caring for members of our community was the theme for this morning’s assembly. Our close community of KS2 children got to know their Vietnamese Teachers and Teaching Assistants even better as they shared some interesting facts about themselves. One way of caring for people in your community is to smile and say good morning but finding out more details about people who we see every day is our goal for next week. Children were also reminded that speaking English when in the classroom and when playing with children of different nationalities is very important to us.

In the KS1 assembly, children added some special characteristics that they like about their friends to a cooking pot. Ms. Fitzpatrick then gave the pot and stir and more friends were created who were all holding hands. Helpers pasted different words for ‘friends’ in many different languages on to our new display. This can remind us that friends might be from different countries and that we should care about all our classmates.

Our community of parents

There was an amazing turnout of parents at our Meet the Teacher events on Wednesday and Thursday. I hope those who attended found the sessions useful and feel better prepared for the year ahead. I would like to take this opportunity to personally invite all our parents to the whole school Moon Festival Assembly on Friday 25th September at 8:45 am. Children and staff will be wearing Ao Dais for the occasion and all primary children will be involved, from F1 upwards.

Ms Sue Hill, Head of Primary

BIS Hanoi Primary

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