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We care about People

Remembrance, reflection, and the power of reconciliation underlined the day as the

History Department

taught BIS students from years 7-9 about the British Legion’s Poppy Appeal and its significance.

A powerful symbol of the cessation of fighting that marked the end of the First World War is the poppy.  This helps us to remember those who sacrificed themselves for others.

Our students have been learning about people who fought in World War One and how they came from so many different countries and religious beliefs.

After studying the consequences of war, we concluded that we should strive for harmony to avoid future conflicts.  It is good to use the poppy as a symbol of peace to remind us of this.

We are looking forward to getting involved with more activities as we reflect further on

the run up to Remembrance Day.

Question: Do you know the significance of these numbers? 11:11:11

If not, ask a teacher!

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