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Mr Anthony Rowlands Weekly Update 27.5

This week I was discussing with a group of parents the importance that community service plays within the IB Diploma Programme. I was pleased to report that community service is really thriving at the school and we are laying strong foundations in so many areas. This week there were two wonderful examples of how our thriving community programme is developing.

  • British International School Hanoi save the rhino vietnam
  • British International School Hanoi save the rhino vietnam
  • British International School Hanoi save the rhino vietnam
  • British International School Hanoi save the rhino vietnam

Last Tuesday afternoon, it was a pleasure to host an event in the auditorium that highlighted the crisis that the rhinos are facing due to their illegal poaching and killing. The "Save the Rhino" event was organised by Education for Nature - Vietnam (ENV) in conjunction with Kev Halpin, the school's Community Liaison Officer. Our students and staff listened to two wonderful presentations by well-known personalities: Mr Paul Blackthorne (Famous British Actor) and Mr. Xuan Bac (Famous Vietnamese Comedian/Actor). Both gentlemen gave poignant and detailed presentations to our students about the dangers that rhinos are facing in this day and age and what we can all do about it. They then spent time with our students signing autographs and taking photographs and made a great impression in so many ways.

The community service theme continues on Saturday when a group of children from the SOS village will be visiting the school. They will be hosted by some primary staff and  students and will be able to enjoy the school's facilities for the morning.

The above are two excellent examples of how the school cares about:
-  global and local issues.
-  human and animal issues.

As a school, we must care about our world and we need to show empathy for all living creatures which exist on our planet both locally and globally.

I would like to wish our students and staff a wonderful trip to  Barcelona next week. The trip has been arranged by Ms. Rojas for  students who are studying Spanish. It will give them a great experience  
of spending a week in this beautiful Spanish city - learning even more  about the language and culture of Spain.

I do hope that you all have a wonderful weekend.

Mr Anthony Rowlands, Principal

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