The success of BIS Hanoi former student

It is always wonderful to hear about the success of our former students. Thu Thao was a student who graduated from British International School Hanoi last year who earned a full scholarship to study at Temple University in the United States.

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This week, Thu Thao’s mother kindly took the time to write to us. She informed us that Thu Thao has adjusted very well to university life and is flourishing at Temple. Both Thu Thao and her mother are keen to stress the role that British International School Hanoi played in her first successful year at university. Her lecturers are also keen to point out how well prepared she was both academically and socially coming from the BIS Programme. In fact, they stated that she was far better prepared than American students coming  through the American programme. It is most welcoming and reassuring for us to have such positive feedback about our students who are now in different situations. This year’s graduating Y13 class are also busily preparing for their final examinations and moving on to study overseas next year. So far our students have received offers from the following universities:

•    University of Colorado (Boulder)
•    Columbia University
•    Lesley University
•    Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences
•    New York University (Stern)
•    Northeastern University
•    University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
•    University of Massachusetts Boston
•    University of Richmond
•    Stanford University

•    University of Birmingham
•    University of East Anglia
•    University of Exeter
•    University of Leeds
•    University of Leicester
•    University of Reading
•    University of Sheffield

We are still awaiting news of other offers that will come and the remaining students are now beginning applications to universities in Australia, Canada, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Last Friday, and into the weekend, British International School Hanoi hosted its first FOBISIA professional development event for teachers. Twelve Geography teachers from around the region met and  focused on topical issues in relation to Geography. It was a very successful event and I am grateful to Jim Schofield, supported by James Forster, for hosting and organising the event.

Anthony Rowlands, Principal


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