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Our Global Classroom

We believe a global education will benefit your child in many ways and to make that a reality, we have developed the Global Classroom. 

    The Global Classroom unites our students around the world. The programme enables your child to discuss, innovate and learn from their peers as well as selected experts through a rich mix of online and face-to-face activities to inspire and excite each child.

    Designed to develop your child’s confidence and ability as a learner, the Global Classroom complements and extends the curriculum. Your child will develop skills and behaviours which prepare them to succeed at school and more importantly, in later life. 

    The programme consists of:

    • An online learning space where your child can lead their own learning in a safe but exciting environment. Sections are tailored to Primary, Secondary and Post-16 students. Your child will join students around the world to create content, challenge each other and question invited experts in bespoke activities designed to develop creative and critical thinking.
    • An annual in-school challenge to develop your child's collaboration and creative skills. In 2011, our students created murals which symbolised their school in the local community and in 2012, we held Dance Unites in association with Pineapple Dance Studios.  In 2013, students tackled global water problems in ‘The Water Challenge’, in partnership with Imperial College London and Practical Action.
    • Your child can participate in the opportunity of a lifetime. The annual face-to-face event brings together representatives from Nord Anglia Education schools around the world to learn and work together to make a difference. In 2012, students gathered to explore and debate world hunger and famine at a conference in London. In 2014 our students participated in an expedition to Tanzania where they renovated and taught at a local school and experienced African life and culture. The face-to-face event is a fantastic opportunity for students to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes that will help them to achieve highly at school and beyond.  
    Our Global Classroom is really making a difference to our students:

    "I love the Global Classroom as I can express my opinions, share my ideas and learn about different views on society"

    "I really liked the Water Challenge. It gave me the opportunity to apply my scientific knowledge learned in class, in a tangible project. I learned how to work in a group and especially how to lead a group. I furthered some of my knowledge in biology and physics. It also encouraged me to think critically and creatively."

    "The Global Classroom has helped me feel more confident in my lessons at school"