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  • Over a century of academic excellence and outstanding results
  • Strong pastoral care in a secure and welcoming environment
  • A truly international education in our multilingual schools
Lake Geneva
  • Global Heritage

    Our heritage is truly global. Collège du Léman was founded in the 1950s as a direct response to the need for an international school on the banks of Lake Geneva.

    As Geneva flourished with many organisations and multinational companies establishing their headquarters in city, the demand for international education grew.  

    The State of Geneva called upon Francis and Inge Clivaz to create a new international school, and in May 1960 Collège du Léman opened its doors. 

    Over 50 years later, families from around the world continue to send their children to our multi-cultural school.

  • Outstanding Academics

    At Collège du Léman, we offer our students choice, leading to the highest success rates. 

    Our extensive faculty of specialist staff allows us to offer a wide range of curricula, languages and extra-curricular activities that is unmatched by other schools.

    Our curricula includes the American High School Diploma, IGCSEs, the International Baccalaureate, the French Baccalaureate and the Swiss Maturité. Students select the programme that best suits their needs and ambitions. 

    Our extra-curricular programme includes activities, execursions and expeditions locally, in Switzerland and internationally.

    With a broad curricula, we tailor your child's learning path to their individual needs and learning style. Our outstanding academic results demonstrate our success.

    Our academic results are testament to the choice, personalised approach, and quality of our teaching. Amongst many successes, in 2014-15 we achieved a 100% pass rate in the French Baccalaureate and Swiss Maturité, while 59% of IGCSE students achieved grades A or A*. 

  • International Community

    Our students represent more than 100 different nationalities and cultures. In an increasingly connected world, our students are comfortable working with anyone, from anywhere.

    Collège du Léman was founded to serve the thriving international business community growing and expanding in and around Geneva.

    Our origins as an international school with a truly global outlook remain true today. Both our students and our staff come from around the world, developing an environment that prepares every child to be a global citizen and instilling in them the social confidence to succeed anywhere in the world. 

    A bi-lingual school, students can study in French, in English or in both languages.

  • Versoix, Geneva

    Collège du Léman occupies a unique setting. Based on the edge of Geneva, the school benefits from the close proximity to this major international city, with the benefit of a village atmosphere.

    Located on the banks of Lake Geneva, the inspirational views stretch across the water to the snow capped Alps.

    Few other schools can boast the inspiring landscape views, the proximity to the City, and the friendly and safe atmosphere offered to us by the village of Versoix, where our large school is an important part of this strong and friendly community. 

College du Leman Campus
  • Excellence Since 1903

    In 1903 a group of Dominican Fathers from France opened a new Catholic school for boys, and thus Collège Champittet's Pully campus was born. 

    By the 1950s the school had firmly established its reputation for teaching quality, and began to open the doors to non-French speaking students by introducing intensive French language learning. 

    As the years passed, the school expanded its curricula to include the French and International Baccalaureate options, and became co-educational from the 1980s.

    The school cemented its reputation as a truly international school, becoming bi-lingual in 2006 and joining the global family of Nord Anglia Education schools in 2009.  


  • Learning founded in values

    Our boarding school students are offered the choice of three diploma routes - the Swiss Maturité, French Baccalaureate and International Baccalaureate

    However, at Collège Champittet, we believe education should go beyond academic success. We believe in instilling timeless values to successfully guide our students  for the rest of their lives.

    • Courage
    • Creativity
    • Team Spirit
    • Leadership:
    • Ambition
    • Reflection

    This ensures that our students can follow a programme best suited to their learning styles, language skills and personal ambitions. 

  • Global and Bi-lingual

    Collège Champittet's Pully campus is a truly international environment, with students from around the world and a thriving international community of boarders.

    Our school is bi-lingual, with programmes offered in English, French or both languages and all students encouraged to develop fluency and competency in more than one language.  

    Through Nord Anglia Education's Global Campus initiative and our own activities, our students are encouraged to explore the world, develop a strong international mindedness, and understand and appreciate the world's many and varied cultures. 

  • Outstanding Location

    Collège Champittet's boarding school is location in Pully, and is conveniently located between Geneva and Lausanne, on the banks of Lake Geneva. 

    The fourth largest city in Switzerland, Lausanne is home to many international companies, with parents living in Lausanne and those from around the world encouraging their child to live and study as a boarder at Collège Champittet. 

    The school benefits from an inspiring location that enables us to offer an outstanding array of outdoor activities that truly embrace the local landscape, as well as making the most of the historic and beautiful village of Pully. 

College Champittet Pully Lausanne
  • Success through challenge

    Founded in 1910, Collège Beau Soleil was founded and owned for most of its history by the de Meyer family before joining the Nord Anglia Education global family of schools in 2010.

    With a strong family atmosphere, the school is founded on a distinctive belief that children thrive when they are challenged and empowered to take risks, make mistakes and learn from them.

    Throughout the history of the school, students have been offered opportunities that few other schools around the world can offer, opportunities that see students scaling the great heights of places like Mount Kilimanjaro, while also pushing the boundaries of their ambitions for their futures. 

    The opportunity to pursue their passions, aspire to the highest of ambitions, challenge themselves and learn from mistakes continues to underpin the school's unique values and approach. 

    Alumni include royalty, international business leaders, political figures and sporting superstars.  

  • Learning by Doing

    Collège Beau Soleil offers 11-18 year olds a bi-lingual education. Students follow either the French section, leading ultimately to completion of the highly regarded French Baccalaureate, or the International section, leading to completion of the International Baccalaureate, embraced by the world's leading universities. 

    But it is outside of the classroom where Collège Beau Soleil truly offers an experience like no other. 

    Here, students are offered an extensive range of co-curricular activities on a daily basis, complemented by unique and memorable challenges and expeditions. 

    From skiing from the door step, to camping, to mountain biking and climbing some of the world's most breath-taking mountains, the school's expeditions involve physical effort and endurance. In turn they give every child a real sense of achievement when they finish. 

  • The World is our Classroom

    From the boarding houses high in the Swiss Alps, students of Collège Beau Soleil live, work and challenge themselves in the company of 240 other students from over 40 countries around the world, learning in a bi-lingual environment. 

    While nationalities and cultures from around the world come to us, so too do our students have exceptional opportunities to explore the world. 

    From humanitarian expeditions, to physical challenges far and wide, to cultural trips around the world. While our classes are in the Alps, our classroom truly is the entire world. 

  • Breathtaking Villars

    At 1300m into the Swiss Alps, the village of Villars-sur-Ollen sits on a sunny south-facing terrace high above the Rhone valley. Situated in the heart of the Vaud Alps, our village enjoys breathtaking views of the Dents-du-Midi and the Mont Blanc massif, and as far as Lake Geneva.

    During the winter, the village offers the opportunity to ski from the front door, and during the summer months breath-taking views open up and the mountains become a playground for a world of outdoor pursuits such as camping, climbing and cycling. Our students benefit from having the world's most breath-taking playground directly on the door step f their boarding house. 

    Villars is approximately a 1 hour drive from Geneva via the mountain road, and can also be reached by train throughout the year. 

Beau Soleil and Villars Campus

Lake Geneva

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