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At BISS Puxi, our students benefit from our dedicated and inspiring team of teachers. We make sure we recruit and retain the very best, so your child learns from the world’s most passionate educators. 


Our outstanding teachers never stop learning, with training from world-leading institutions provided throughout their time with us. 
As part of the Nord Anglia Education global family, we are able to attract the world’s most sought-after international educators. Each is an expert in their own subject, is excellent at communicating with parents, and encourages students to broaden their horizons. 

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Meet Our Team

Meet the team responsible for our students’ ongoing success. Inspiring leaders and world-class teachers providing guidance, support, and direction, create an environment where your child can flourish. 
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Michelle Parker
Year 1 Leader

Michelle Parker is a teacher in Year 1 at the British International School Shanghai, Puxi Campus.

Michelle Parker — BSc (Hons), PGCE, Dip Psych, OLY

I have been teaching since 2005. My previous experience in the UK includes teaching across the primary age range, Curriculum Leader of PE and English, and Assistant Principal. I have worked at BISS Puxi since 2019, first as Year 2 and Year 6 teacher, and currently as Year Leader.

My first degree was in Physical Education and Sports Science, and I then followed this with a PGCE in Primary Education. I have also since completed a degree conversion in Psychology.

I am currently Year One Leader at BISS Puxi. This is my third year in this exciting role, and I love working with this year group. I currently lead a fantastic team of five other class teachers, and I work closely with the other Year Leaders and the SLT to ensure consistency across the Primary School.

The children in Year 1 have such great enthusiasm for learning, and make fantastic progress at this stage of development, which I love to see. There is a balance of structured teaching and learning activities, balanced with learning through play, which makes it a unique age group to teach.

I live in Shanghai with my husband and my son, who attends BISS Puxi. Fitness and health are important to me, and apart from spending time with my family, I love to play sports and stay active.

Bukeka Nxumalo
Year 1 Teacher
Bukeka Nxumalo is a Year 1 teacher at the British International School Shanghai, Puxi Campus.
Bukeka Nxumalo — BSc, PGCE
I am a primary school teacher with eight years in international education in South Africa and China, working as a primary class teacher, an English Language Arts subject teacher, and a course content designer.
I studied at the University of KwaZulu-Natal for both my BSc in Psychology and Education, and my PGCE in Foundation Phase.
I currently work as a Year 1 classroom teacher with a wonderful team of five other teachers.
I enjoy teaching English, specifically reading, primarily because of the beautiful stories I get to read and share with my students about people from close and afar. There are many opportunities to learn, get inspired, and build bonds with my students in every story we read.
I am the last born of two sisters and one brother. My interests are a myriad of arts and crafts and a lot of music. I enjoy connecting with people through music, food, and art.
Jennifer Turke
Year 1 Teacher
Jennifer Turke is a Year 1 teacher at the British International School Shanghai, Puxi Campus.
Jennifer Turke — BA

Jennifer has been a qualified teacher for over 5 years. Throughout her teaching career, she has taught using a range of approaches to teaching and learning, for example, play-based learning, Montessori, and IB, all of which have shaped her teaching philosophy. Jennifer strives to create a supportive, nurturing environment with the aim of developing curious and self-motivated lifelong learners. She has a US teaching certification as well as her Qualified Teaching Status. 

Did you know that prior to beginning her teaching career, Jennifer worked in renewable energy as a residential photovoltaic solar system designer and consultant? 

Jennifer enjoys living in China, and spends her free time enjoying photography, travelling and hiking.

Joyce Muthithi Kanywa
Year 1 Teacher
Joyce Muthithi Kanywa is a Year 1 teacher at the British International School Shanghai, Puxi Campus.
Joyce Muthithi Kanywa — BBA (Hons), PGCE

I started teaching eight years ago as a primary school teacher at a school in Changzhou where I took on the role of a Housemistress. I now work at BISS and in the role of a primary class teacher.

I hold a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) from the University of Sunderland and BBA (Hons) from Makerere University Business School.

I currently work as a Primary Year 1 Teacher working with the Year 1 team to create a positive learning environment in the classroom. This is to allow the children to develop and foster the appropriate skills and social abilities to enable their optimum development.

My unconditional love for children drives my desire to make a life-long impact in the lives of children -something that gives me unfathomable fulfilment.

I am married with three children, two of whom go to BISS. As a family, we enjoy listening to music and we look forward to discovering the exciting opportunities that Shanghai offers!

Kelly Jay Glover
Year 1 Teacher
Kelly Jay Glover is a Year 1 teacher at the British International School Shanghai, Puxi Campus.
Kelly Jay Glover — BA, PGCEi
My journey in education began at BISS Puxi in 2016, when I volunteered in the SEN department as a 1:1 teacher. I was passionate about teaching and so, when the opportunity presented itself in 2019, I left the SEN team to became a Nursery Teacher. This would later develop into Nursery Year Leader.
I studied English and Psychology, with a minor in Linguistics, at the University of New England. After graduating with merit, I studied my PGCE(international) at the University of Nottingham, from which I received a first.
After four wonderful years in Nursery, I chose to continue my development as a teacher by moving to Year 1. Outside of the classroom, I am also involved in the Staff Wellbeing Group and have previously assisted with costuming and co-producing of the Secondary School’s 2019 and 2020 musicals.
It never ceases to amaze me what children achieve when they are enthusiastic about learning and encouraged to investigate independently. I, therefore, aim to instil a love of learning in all my pupils, as I firmly believe that children who feel happy and confident at school, make the best students.
I love reading in cafés, seeing friends, going skiing, and visiting the beach!
Shultana Ali
Year 1 Teacher
Shultana Ali is a Year 1 teacher at the British International School Shanghai, Puxi Campus.
Shultana Ali — BA (Hons), QTS
I have taught in Shanghai for the past three years as a Year 1 and Year 2 Class Teacher. Previous to this, I taught in England; London for a few years as a Year 1 Teacher and in Brighton as an Early Years (Reception) Teacher, Year 1 Teacher and Years 3 and 4 Teacher. I am very experienced with nine years as a fully qualified teacher and fourteen years of experience in the classroom.
I studied and did my training at the University of Brighton for my BA (Hons) in Primary Education with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). I am a qualified Primary School Teacher and specialise in Early Years and Key Stage 1. In addition to all of the Primary Subjects (e.g. English, Maths, Science and the foundation subjects) my specialism is in Religious Education.
I am a Year 1 Teacher and work closely with the Year 1 Team and EAL Team to teach across Year 1 and support the children in our EAL and mixed phonics classes as well as our own classes. Moreover, I also lead the Painting with Mixed Media ECA.
I enjoy teaching all the curriculum subjects (English, Maths and STEAM). I am a passionate teacher who enjoys empowering children to grow holistically (physically, intellectually/academically, emotionally and socially). I love seeing children being persistent and working hard on their goals. It is a pleasure to see them achieve their goals after great effort and time; seeing them full of joy with increased self-esteem and confidence.
I am married and we enjoy exploring Shanghai and China in our free time.

Meet Our Team

Every member of the BISS team contributes to our reputation as Shanghai's premium school. 
Susan Robertson
Year 2 Leader
Susan Robertson is a Year 2 teacher at the British International School Shanghai, Puxi.
Susan Robertson — B.Ed (Hons)

I started teaching in a small primary school in Scotland in 2005. Following that, I worked in International schools in Spain and Egypt. I began working at BISS in the Early Years department in 2016 and in the past three years, I have worked in Key Stage 1. I am now excited to be working as the Year Leader in Year 2.
I studied at the University of Paisley for my B.Ed (Hons) from 2001 to 2005.
I teach in Year 2 as well as lead the Year 2 team. I am very excited to develop our calm school ethos within this cohort. I work closely with the Key Stage 1 team to ensure smooth transitions between the year groups.
I enjoy teaching this Key Stage as the children are developing curiosity and wonder about the world around them. It is a pleasure to help these children realise their dreams and encourage them to always be ambitious.
I am married with two daughters who both attend BISS. We love being part of the school community.

Jasmine Koit
Year 2 Teacher

Jasmine Koit is a Year 2 teacher at the British International School Shanghai, Puxi.

Jasmine Koit — BTeach, BA
I started my career as a primary teacher in Newcastle, Australia in 2013. After that, I moved back to my home country of Malaysia and began my career in internationals school in Kuala Lumpur.
I studied at the University of Newcastle, Australia and obtained a Bachelor of Teaching (Primary) and Bachelor of Arts, specialising in Creative Arts for the Primary School.
I currently work as a Year 2 Teacher teaching English, Maths, Phonics, STEAM, Computing, PSHE and Reading.
I enjoy teaching because children are amazing learners and I get to learn so much from them as well. I love watching how different children learn and understand concepts. Through teaching, I get to experience a diverse world by getting to know so many personalities.
I enjoy cooking, trying new food, and travelling. I am excited to discover all that Shanghai has to offer.
Louise Hudson
Year 2 Teacher
Louise Hudson is a Year 2 teacher at the British International School Shanghai, Puxi.
Louise Hudson — BA (Hons), PGCE, MA

I have been a teacher for eleven years and I have previously enjoyed working in the UK, The Netherlands and Indonesia. I have gained experience in the Early Years and primary years and have worked in teams to coordinate Music, Maths and English.
I studied at the University of London for both my BA (Hons) in Education, Culture and Society, The University of Brighton for my PGCE and The University of Sheffield for my MA in Early Childhood Education.
I am currently a Year 2 Teacher at BISS. I really enjoy working as part of a team and I am looking forward to seeing how my career will progress at this wonderful school.
I am a very passionate about teaching because I enjoy seeing students grow and develop personally and academically in my classroom. I believe that making learning fun and interactive through art, music and drama is a great way to do this. So, every day is different!
I enjoy travelling with my family, photography, watching movies, singing, playing the guitar and running.

Sheree Brown
Year 2 Teacher

Sheree Brown is a Year 2 teacher at the British International School Shanghai, Puxi.

Sheree Brown — BEd
I started teaching internationally in 2006 and have been with Nord Anglia Education for the past eleven years at BSB Beijing, BISS Shanghai and Regents Thailand. My first teaching role was as a Year 6 teacher but after becoming a mother, I found a passion for EYFS and Key Stage 1.
I studied a 4-year teaching degree at an independent university in Brisbane and graduated with a top result to teach in local schools. I also hold a Certificate 4 in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages).
I currently work in Year 2. It is my passion to see all children make progress, especially with reading and to become more confident speakers of English. As one of the STEAM Leaders, I am excited to integrate the curriculum and create exciting challenges for students to push themselves.
I believe Early Years and Key Stage 1 are the foundation of a great education. I think that I am a fun teacher with a happy but calm classroom. I love my students like a mother would and want to see each of them reach their personal potential.
I am married with two boys who attend BISS. We are a family who loves to play European board games when we are not travelling or exploring greater Shanghai.
Yasmin Bjork
Year 2 Teacher

Yasmin Bjork is a Year 2 teacher at the British International School Shanghai, Puxi.

Yasmin Bjork — BA (Hons), PGCE
I started my teaching journey in 1989 by working for a government project called ‘Section 11’, which involved collaborating with several Nursery and Primary Schools in Manchester as a first and second language and EAL teaching and planning expert. I later moved to China and taught at many different schools. I taught at BISS Puxi betweem 2007 and 2011, firstly as an EAL Teacher and later as a Year 1 Teacher. I returned in 2019 as a Primary Teacher.
I studied BA (Hons) in Early Childhood Education at Manchester University, and my PGCE in Teaching at Sunderland University.
I work in Year 2 in the Primary School. I teach most subjects apart from the specialist ones. I enjoy teaching Year 2 as it’s a wonderful time of learning for a child.
I enjoy shaping the minds of the students who enter Year 2, and providing them with amazing opportunities to enjoy the curriculum. I enjoy bringing mindfulness and meditation into my classroom and love watching the students navigate the collaborative learning techniques, to build their confidence.
I am married with two daughters. As a family, we love to spend time together in this wonderful city and enjoy exploring China.


Whether your child is a student in the Primary or Secondary School, the foundations for their learning are made in the Early Years.

This area of the school looks different to the regular classrooms in the more senior sections of the school because it is here that we create their future by setting them on the right path for success.

It is here that we provide opportunities for children to explore, evolve and adapt to their ever-changing world inside the school buildings as well as in our outside learning spaces.

It is here where firm foundations create strong and sustainable futures.



Our brand-new learning environment integrates all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

The areas have been carefully planned to enable the children to explore and learn, following their interests and providing new challenges to extend their skills.

These learning areas enhance the children’s ability to extend their skills in physical, logical, intellectual, social, and emotional spheres through guided self-exploration and self-choice.



Using the outdoor environment naturally inspires children to become more physically active, take controlled risks and challenge themselves in different ways.

The outdoor setting motivates children to work together, and problem solve. Students gain the essential skills to manage conflict, communicate their needs, and co-operate with their peers in a warm, safe, and secure environment overseen by our excellent teachers and their assistants.

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To visit our outdoor learning environment, please arrange a visit through our admissions team or contact us directly because we are proud of what we have achieved, and we would be happy to show you around.


Speak to our Admissions Team about what makes us unique or arrange a visit to our campus and see for yourself.

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