Effy Lee

Mathematics Teacher


I have been in education for the past ten years, taking on multiple and diverse roles in both Korea and China. I have held dual roles at a private education centre as the Academic Director/Founder and as a Maths Teacher. In the latter role, I have experience teaching and designing Maths curriculums for most of the schools in Shanghai, helping hundreds of students attain high Maths marks in the following subjects: IGCSE Maths and IB Maths AA. Not only that, but as an educational consultant, I worked with over 200 families in Shanghai to provide them with academic support and advice.

I am a natural motivator and communicator, so teaching plays to my strengths and I enjoy every minute of it. I enjoy the interactions with the students and seeing them learn and progress. I love giving advice to students and parents about educational opportunities, and building relationships with my teammates.