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21 June, 2022

Inclement weather policy

Please review BISW's Inclement Weather Policies.

How does BISW decide to close on a normal student school day? 

BISW will follow the guidance of the DCPS authorities concerning Snow and Inclement Weather. The school uses DCPS as its guideline but is aware that many members of its community live outside of DC and may be faced with different weather conditions. 

How does DC decide to close? 

The decision to delay or close school is a careful decision informed by several factors, including temperature, wind chill, levels of snow and ice, road conditions, the availability of public transit, and how these conditions are forecast to develop over the course of the day. The DC Mayor ultimately decides whether schools are open, delayed, or closed by reviewing the latest information. A decision is typically made between 4–5 AM the morning of the delay or closure. 

How are parents and students notified of school closings? 

The best source of information is the DCPS Twitter account (@dcpublicschools). Information will also be shared on the DCPS website (, DCPS social media accounts, and local TV and radio stations. 

BISW will also share information via email and on the BISW Twitter account (@BISWashington) before 7 AM. 

How will children continue to learn during a day with the campus closed? 

Given the world of extensive virtual learning that we now inhabit, moving forward these days will look a little different. 

Early Years students will be provided with ‘Brain Bags’ at the start of the school year, which will contain a plethora of learning resources. Teachers will post a message on Seesaw explaining some of these tasks at 8:30 AM. Additionally, teachers will provide students with a recorded story later in the day. 

Primary school (Years 1–6) parents will receive a link to a Zoom call by 8:30 AM. The students will be able to log into the Zoom meeting at 9 AM, and the teacher will review learning tasks for them to complete during the day. The students will complete the tasks on their own schedules to allow them an opportunity to play outside. 

Secondary students should adhere to their normal timetables and log into their classes virtually via Teams. 

What will a DC Public Schools 1-hour or 2-hour delay mean for BISW? 

  • BISW will aim to be fully open at 9:15 AM or 10:15 AM, depending on the delay. 
  • BISW will cancel any before-school programs. 
  • We will have a reduced staff presence from 08:15 and will be available to care for students who need to be dropped off at the regular time. We will have an alternative school environment (e.g., mixed classes, and so on) until all staff has been able to make their way to school safely. 
  • BISW will close at the regular time. 
  • When the school opening encounters delays due to weather, BISW may cancel afterschool programs; information will be sent later that morning to parents. 
  • For parents, students and staff that live further from the school, individuals are in the best position to determine their own safety of travel to the school. If there is a delay in attending, please contact the school via email. 

What if inclement weather develops during the school day? 

We open intending to remain open for the whole school day. Early dismissals are used only in extreme situations. The decision to cancel any extended day, afterschool program, or athletic event will come from the School Principal. In such cases, BISW will inform families that afterschool programming is cancelled. 

In the case of severe inclement weather, to ensure the safety of our staff and students, we may move to an alternative school environment (e.g., mixed classes, and so on), but the school will remain open to care for remaining students but with reduced staff numbers. BISW will inform the families, who can pick up students early if required. 

School Bus 

If individuals travel by bus and a 1-hour or 2-hour delay or inclement weather develops, our bus organizer will decide on each route and the local weather conditions and inform families directly. Please note that routes will typically run with a delay.