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26 October, 2020

University Application Season is here!

University Application Season is here!

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Our Year 13 student have been exploring and researching universities and reflecting within themselves in order to find the best fitting, highest quality universities that the world has to offer them. 

Currently the whole year group are working on finalizing their shortlists of universities that they will apply to by adding them to their BridgeU Application list. 

This year we have 5 application time frames in our university application season. They are divided up as Early-Early, Early, Regular, Spring and Summer applications. Right now, we have 5 students who are fastidiously fine tuning their UCAS Personal Statements and UCAS applications for medicine, veterinarian studies and Oxbridge (Oxford and Cambridge). Another 3 of our Year 13 students are deeply reflecting as they put their personalities onto pen and paper when they write their Common Application essays and supplementary essays for their Early Decision and Early Action USA university applications. 

Our dedicated IB teachers are also supporting our students by writing powerful letters of recommendation for our students. In those confidential letters, our teachers are praising our students for their academic knowledge, skills and experiences as well as their character strengths and some of their exceptional extracurricular activities. I also have the honour of writing counsellor letters of recommendation for our soon to be graduates. 

As we head towards November, we will have another handful of students applying to various USA and international universities. Then as winter break approaches, most students will complete their Regular Decision applications so that they can focus on Mock Exam Revision. 

Our Southern Hemisphere applicants will be applying in the spring and summer and our South Korean Nationals application deadlines come at the end of the application season in the summer time. 

Let all of us in the BSB community give a little extra support to our Year 13 university applicants over the next few months as they work diligently and as they manage their time carefully to finish up their IB curriculum and assessments while applying to the institutions of higher learning where they will continue their studies.

Brian Chesher

University and Careers Counsellor